I love Olympic Hot Tub Company. Love love!

“I love Olympic Hot Tub Company. Love love! I shopped around for a hot tub for a few days. My search ended when I met Val at the Olympic Hot Tub. Something about her just made me want to stay and browse hot tubs! My budget was tight so she showed me my options and I bought an Emerald. She printed pictures and gave me handouts so I could take home and show my boyfriend also since delivery was a few weeks out.

Delivery ended up being a few days earlier then estimated( Val helped me with that). Val also let the delivery guys know that I have dogs so I needed a heads up before they arrived. I also was at work so had to let my boyfriend know to lookout for them.  And they did, the delivery guy called me an hour before arrival to let me know he was en route. After delivery, the delivery guys explained the start up chemicals to my boyfriend in a language he actually understood and could then explain to me when I got home from work.

To make sure we are on track with the chemical they mailed me a water care guideline laminated sheet. They also provided the start up chemicals and cute rubber ducks!
From start to finish I have been 1000% happy. They made a huge purchase easy as pie and worry free.

Oh and I just got a $200 rebate check for the delivery promotion they were running for the month of March.  This company blows my mind in how great they are!!!

And needless to say my hot tub is amazing, super relaxing and cute as well!”

Sarah G. - Seattle, WA