It’s a simple and easy system to use.

I had a great experience buying my hot tub from Olympic Hot Tub in Issaquah. Kimberly was my salesperson (now works out of Woodinville) and she was great. Not pushy, great follow up, great communication. The team that delivers and sets up the tub was amazing. They even came back to my house and moved the hut tub for a second time at no charge. They set it up, showed me how to use it. They clearly go out of their way to give you a white glove experience from start to finish which makes sense when you consider hot tubs are a big purchase. Regarding salt water vs. non salt water, if you go online or go talk to a bunch of hot tub sales people, you won’t know what to think or who to believe. I’ll share my 2 cents having owned my salt water hot tub for a month. My two cents, get a saltwater tub. Unlike a non-saltwater system, I don’t need to regularly test the water and add Chlorine accordingly. Instead, I use a test strip and if the Chlorine level is low, I just push a button on the hot tub and it adjusts to the perfect Chlorine level. If a bunch of people use the hot tub over the weekend, I just push a button and it adjusts to the perfect level. My tub is always at the perfect level, never too little or too much Chlorine. I’m slightly oversimplifying but not by much. It’s a simple and easy system to use. And the salt water is good on my skin. It’s well worth the added expense IMHO.

Jesse K. - Issaquah, WA