Spazazz 40th Anniversary

Ready to excite your senses? You will love our 40th Anniversary edition of Spazazz Aromatherapy

April 18, 2017

Spazazz 40th AnniversaryApril 18th, 20107 –  We love Spazazz! This line of aromatherapy products has been a big hit with our customers. They have an extensive array of scents available—it’s hard to not be able to find something you won’t enjoy using in your tub.

When I attended the trade show for the pool and hot tub industry in November, I visited with Angie Pettro, president of Spazazz. While she was showing me the latest and greatest in their product offering, we got to chatting about 2017 being Olympic Hot Tub’s 40th Anniversary. I had an epiphany while I was in their booth spending time with her: We’ve had such overwhelming success with Spazazz, so what if we could partner to create a special 40th Anniversary Edition of Spazazz for Olympic’s anniversary?

She immediately said “Yes, I love it!”

That’s how we arrived at this special edition of Spazazz to celebrate our 40 years of health and wellness through water. I personally selected this scent, which has notes of apple and sandalwood. I really liked the blend and felt it was something nearly everyone could enjoy. We’re including a full size bottle of this in all of the water care kits that go out to customers when their new tub is installed throughout our 40th Anniversary.

If you’d like to give our special edition a try, you can order it through our E-Store.