February 4, 2009

We are very pleased to announce that Olympic Hot Tub’s Service Department was awarded the “Top Service Department” award among all 450 Watkins Mfg. dealers worldwide (maker of Hot Spring Spas) at the Hot Spring dealer meeting in San Francisco last month. It is so gratifying to receive this award because it is based on knowledge, skill, and customer satisfaction.  The selection criteria include a high degree of professionalism, high satisfaction level among our Hot Spring owners, and top-rated aftermarket service. One accolade mentioned at the announcement was our service department’s ability to handle such a large territory with more obstacles than most others face-like ferry trips and mountain passes- and do it with a consistently outstanding attitude and high skill level.

When you purchase a hot tub, the last thing on your mind is service.  You expect your hot tub to run forever without a glitch.  We know that Watkins products are tops in the industry, but they are made by humans with parts from diverse manufacturers and they’re used by humans!  When your hot tub goes cold or won’t start, you might expect an instant on-site call.  They want to relax! And, Olympic Hot Tub wants you to be back in hot water as soon as possible. We’re fortunate to have such an outstanding group of technicians and inside service team who handle incoming calls, do the scheduling, and keep parts ordered. Every member of the team is critical to the smooth operation of the department.

Olympic Hot Tub customers have it especially good and this award is proof!  We’re not only the #1 selling Hot Spring Spa dealer in the United States, we have the Best Service Department!

Thanks to everyone on our service team for earning this award.  Their dedication to seeing that each customer becomes an Olympic fan is legendary within the dealer network. There is nothing more gratifying than hearing everyone cheer when Olympic was announced as the winner of this award. We wish they all could have been there to receive this praise!