I have a really fast metabolism. I eat whatever I want. Pizza, Big Macs, milk shakes… you name it! I’m my overweight friends’ worst nightmare to hang out with. My boyfriend keeps trying to get me to eat better, but as long as I’m keeping my weight down, what’s the point?

Vitriol won’t help anything here and I’d even recommend you bask in your friends’ OBVIOUS envy.  However, the assumption that health can be determined solely on weight is a dangerous world to live in. 

The British Journal of Nutrition published an interesting article about low-grade systemic inflammation they coined “metaflammation”.  It suggested that obesity may often be an accomplice to disease risk rather than the perpetrator.

  • Just because your slim self can binge on crap food while your friends relive Violet Beauregarde’s inflation doesn’t mean you’re immune to all of your diet’s consequences.
  • Thin certainly doesn’t indicate healthy.  Thin people suffer from heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, sedentary lifestyles, organ failure, and I’ve even seen a few diagnosed with chronic rudeness.

If you give your body crap to work with, you’ll get crap in return.  You can build a fortress out of plywood but it definitely won’t hold up to the White Walker horde.  Get yourself some Valyrian steel! 

Author: Tony Scartozzi

Tony Scartozzi was born and raised in a small town in Eastern Washington. After moving to Seattle in 2001, he attended Bastyr University and graduated with a degree in Nutrition. Driven by his passion for public health, his career has spanned the nonprofit sector, senior housing resources, food service training, and now works for a nutraceutical company that produces market-leading plant extracts used for supplemental health. Observing the severe disparity between advertisement spin and research-based knowledge, Tony has spent many years trying to identify and reconcile the difference. With Tony’s parents’ age beginning to show, his desire to investigate health-related topics has become a very personal one.

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