NEW: Small Size SilkBalance Perfect for Small Hot Tubs

December 26, 2014

Large and small bottle of SilkBalanceSilkBalance Spotlight!

New smaller size ◊ New lower price on SilkBalance Conversion

New! Smaller 38 oz bottle now available

Just released! If you’ve been missing out on SilkBalance, give it a try! The new small bottle is great for smaller tubs, as well as for a first time trial. You’ll love it! Counteracts dry skin, eliminates testing…keeps water feeling & smelling terrific.

Try the new small bottle of SilkBalance, or order the economical large size today. SilkBalance is risk free: Money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied.

New to SilkBalance? SilkBalance™ is a spa water care treatment program specially formulated to:

  • leave your skin silky & soft
  • be easy to use
  • be a one step process, add one measure; no testing or mixing!

Buy SilkBalance and stop itchy skin from harsh hot tub chemicals and automatically balance your hot tub water chemistry. Pour it and ignore it!

  • provide crystal clear water
  • provide a refreshing scent
  • provide continuous pure water quality
  • be safer for the environment.
  • prevent dangerous bacteria build up

You now will have more time to enjoy your spa, so do away with all those different chemicals, testing, mixing, adjusting, guessing, and measuring.

Join the simple enjoyable luxurious water world of SilkBalance™

SilkBalance™ for Spas is specially formulated to be soft on your skin and keep water crystal clear and fresh without harmful chemicals

SilkBalance Conversion Service–New lower price! Ready to give SilkBalance a try? Let our Valet Team convert your tub from your old water care, deep clean your tub & set you up. Includes your first 38 Oz bottle of SilkBalance.

Formerly $349/Now $329!

Order today! Or call our Service Center –206.431.2876

RES EST SERVAS VOLUPTAS as the Romans said it. Pleasure is a serious business.

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