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Music in a Hot Tub is Magic! Especially when the music is FREE!

March 7, 2017


March 7, 2017

Hot Spring Spas have quite a variety of features to enhance your soaking pleasure, not the least of which is the capacity to add the sound of music to your hot tub. Some purists, however, consider the mating of sound systems and spas to be frivolous at best. The truth is, and studies will back this up, music really can help to soothe the savage beast…or you!

The American Music Therapy Association (yes, it’s a real thing) says that consuming large quantities of music can actually make your body feel better.

More specifically, studies suggest that music helps to…

  • Relax tense muscles
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improve cardiac output and respiration
  • Include benefits for pain relief and the relief of anxiety connected with cancer

Exposure to relaxing music prompts the body to slow your heartbeat and your brainwaves, allowing you to breathe deeper; all of which help you to relax. Makes sense.

Few can argue that soaking in a hot tub has incredible benefits. And there’s no better enhancement than music. I mean, what’s not to like about a feature that can enable your body to relax to the max?

The time to hop in and turn on the tunes is now! Because for a limited time, when you buy a Hot Spring Spa the music is FREE!

The Magic of Music Event

Through March 19, 2017  Olympic Hot Tub is offering a FREE Wireless Bluetooth Music System when you purchase a Hot Spring Highlife  or Limelight Spa with our easy, automated Ace Salt-Water System.  That’s a $1,395 sound system with integrated speakers and subwooferfor free!

It’s called the Magic of Music Event, because music in a hot tub is truly magic, especially when it’s free.

If owning a hot tub is on your bucket list, and music thrills you to the core, then this offer will make you want to sit back, soak, and sing! But don’t delay…this offer ends March 19th.  Just bring your favorite music to one of our 5-convenient locations today. We’ll synch it up to a Hot Spring Spa so you can hear your play list on our sound system. It’s the Magic of Music Event, and we think you’ll love it!