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Less Facebook time, more hot tub time

March 13, 2018

March 13, 2018 – In this crazy world we live in today, it’s pretty stunning how much time we all spend on social media. Between Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and whatever else there is to be doing online, I wonder how anyone gets anything really done—or how we all stay connected.

Many would argue that these social media outlets are the way we can connect. Yet, it’s tragic that these online portals are the way some life news gets delivered, isn’t it?

A few weeks ago, I was knocked over by a Facebook post a friend of mine submitted. I read this and texted one of our mutual good friends (because calling is crazy, right??). He had no inkling of the life-changing event going on in our mutual friend’s life. And, what was more tragic: we had to find this out through Facebook!

More than anything, this happening cemented for me how vital hot tubs are. Yes, hot tubbing provides a place for us to relax, escape, and help our bodies recharge and heal. But the hot tub can also be a place to bond, re-connect, and communicate with friends and family important in our lives.

Life is not slowing down; people are more stressed out than ever. I know my life, while incredibly fulfilling and blessed, is also incredibly busy and I get home some nights wondering how I made it through the day. Certainly, a good soak or a session in the sauna help!

Your hot tub can be—and feels more than ever like it should be—a place to bring people together to talk, bond, and get important information we all need to share with those close to us out in the open. I know life feels like a race many days, but none of us should ever forget we’re still part of the human race too. The human needs connection, solace, support and encouragement. It’s so important to not let life’s critical events be something we end up reading on Facebook about each other.

Recently someone called the hot tub a “Grownup Security Blanket”. I love this! Now more than ever, I believe everyone could benefit.

Now, stop reading this, get off line, and go catch up with someone important to you in the hot tub. You’ll be grateful you did!