July 29, 2009

On our trip to Yellowstone last week we saw this beautiful deep azure natural “hot tub” that looked ready for bathing. But, hold on! It was 160 degrees!  Seeing all of the natural hot pools that where too scalding hot to use made me think about how hot is too hot in the hot tub.  At Olympic Hot Tub Company, we start all new owners at 102 degrees. Children generally prefer it cooler-say around 100.  As it gets colder 104 feels about right to most people.  The temperature is really a personal preference.  What feels hot to some might feel tepid to others.

What you want to do AFTER the hot tub soak will determine the length of your soak as well as the temperature of the water.  If you want to feel energized, 10-15 minutes at 102 will be invigorating. Many people soak in the morning with a cup of coffee at this temperature for a terrific full body and mind wake up.  In the evening that same temperature will put you to sleep if you stay in 20-25 minutes.  At that point you’ll feel enervated and ready for sleep.  See more about health and hot tub soaking on Olympic Hot Tub Company’s Health Benefits page. A good thermometer is a must or having a control panel on your hot tub with a temperature reading.

This blistering heat wave we’re having in Seattle now-it’s supposed to be 101 degrees today-reminds me of my own summertime cool down technique. Sit in the hot tub. Yes. Sit in the hot tub. First turn it down to around 98. Your skin temperature is 92-94 degrees. If you sit in 92 degree water, you’ll actually feel chilled after awhile. You’ll get goose bumps.  But, try 98 on a hot day like the ones we’re having this week. You’ll be able to stay in quite a long time and after wards will feel refreshed for hours as your body cools.  It’s not like the short refreshment of a shower where you’re hot and sweaty 15 minutes later in heat like this.  It’s a deeper cooling. I’ve been know to stay in the hot tub for an hour at that temperature while reading a good novel.  If your tub is in the direct sun, wait until the sun is not directly overhead, wear a sun hat and sunscreen on your face.

Be sure to check with your doctor if you suffer from any physical aliments that are adversely affected by heat.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.