Large and small-bottle of SilkBalance

Hot tubbing this fall and winter? Here’s how to keep your skin silky soft.

September 15, 2017

Water Care at Dealer XSeptember 15, 2017 – Fall is less than a week away, and winter is…we won’t even go there. The ensuing change in the weather reminds us that not so long ago, a hot tub soak during the chilly months demanded extra moisturizing afterwards. But these days, that isn’t always so!

Now there is a way to have your soak and your supple skin too. It’s called SilkBalance, and it will change the way you feel about your hot tub water, and the way it makes your skin feel. When you convert your tub to SilkBalance a few positive changes take place. Your water care becomes easier, and your skin becomes silky and soft to the touch every time you soak.

SilkBalance is a proprietary combination of the products you would normally add to balance your hot tub water. Many of these contain fillers that tend to dry out your skin….an effect you’ll notice even more if you use your hot tub often.  SilkBalance is buffered, so the drying effect is minimized.

One component that tends to counteract the dry skin is sea salt, which actually helps to lock in your skin’s moisture.

Some of our customers…who were limited to soaking just a few times a month because of issues with dry skin, eczema, and psorias gave SilkBalance a try.  After the conversion, they were able to enjoy their hot tub 3-5 times a week!

SilkBalance also makes hot tub water care a snap! You’ll no longer need an armful of different products to control pH and alkalinity. Just a small amount of SilkBalance added to your hot tub on a weekly basis will keep your water balanced and smelling wonderful! Bonus: your skin will feel silky soft after you soak!

If softer skin and easier water care sounds like a must-have, contact our Service Center today and we’ll tell you how to convert your hot tub to SilkBalance. Or, we can do it for you with our SilkBalance Conversion Service. This service brings one of our Valet Techs to your home to drain & fill your tub, and complete the transition to SilkBalance, so you can enjoy the benefits of this incredible water care system as soon as possible.

It’s time to say bye-bye to winter’s dry hot tub skin! Once you make the change to SilkBalance, we think you’ll love it!