March 10, 2009

This email was sent to me today from Karen in our Olympic Hot Tub Company Fife store. I thought the following was really adorable she said:

A customer was just here getting some water care products for her Hot Spring Spa and she was talking about her 7 year old grandson who was visiting at their home. If you can picture this…he was leaning back with his arms on the arm rests and his little chest out. And, and he said, “Gramma.. this was worth every penny we spent on it .. wasn’t it?”

She also told me how they are going to take a vacation to Disneyland with their grandchildren and stay at a hotel there.  This same grandson said…”I don’t think their hot tub is going to be anywhere nearly as nice as this one!!!!”  She said he would be quite the salesperson for our hot tubs!  🙂  We hope he keeps up his enthusiasm and we’ll see him about a job in a few years!

We’ve seen a trend in grandparents buying a hot tub so their grandchildren would visit more often. In fact, that’s the reason the first buyer of a Hot Spring Spa from us, Nancy Pelly.  She bought one so her grandchildren would visit her and her husband at their new post retirement home in Seattle in 1982. Hot tubs were a very new product then, but Mrs. Pelly was quick to see that owing one would be a “grandchild magnet”. She was right!

Do your children or grandchildren love the tub?  Did you purchase a tub so your grandchildren would visit more often or your kids would stay home?  We’d love to hear your comments.

SANUM PER AQUA-Latin for Health Through Water