Hot Tub Together to ReBoot Your Family!

July 22, 2011

Hot tub together to reboot your family! Yes! Hot Tubbing is a cure for the family rut. It’s a cure for the life of busyness.  If your family has so many activities that there’s not time for real connection, make time for a hot tub soak together. You’re not alone in wanting life a better family life instead of being with a group of strangers who live in the same house.

Who wouldn’t love to  push a pause button and just sit, regroup and get back on track as a family.

But, life doesn’t come with a pause button.  There’s one easy way to get in sync, connect and move forward in a deliberate and meaningful way as a family again.

How to reboot your family?  Make Time to Hot Tub Together!

1. Hot tub and Have deep, meaningful conversations. After being with someone for years, it’s easy to take him or her for granted.  We consider ourselves experts on their likes and dislikes, their needs and wants. And I’m sure you know what’s wrong with assuming. The thing is people change. Their tastes change. Their hopes and dreams evolve. Their outlook on life has likely changed from what it was 15 years ago.

The simple act of hot tubbing-being together in warm water and creating stillness can do wonders for opening up communication.

2. Hot Tub and Be present. When all of the distractions of cell phones, email, work, presentations, TV, etc. it’s difficult to really appreciate what’s going on around us. Think about it – if you’re at work trying to have a conversation with your boss but he/she is constantly checking his/her email, phone messages and waving at everyone that walks past the window, how would you feel? Frustrated? Unimportant? Discounted?

You can only fully experience something when you don’t have the temptation to be somewhere other than where you are in that moment. Your family is no different.

There is nothing like a hot tub for keeping your in the moment. The hot water brings everyone to the present. Tip: Ban the ipods & cell phones.

3. Hot Tub to Create belonging and promote trust. Block out a chunk of time to hot tub together. Hot tubbing together is a great way to promote trust, increase the sense of belonging and uniting you as a family.  Investing a bit of time and energy in your family can tighten that core unit, make everyone feel safe and secure and raise happiness. In the years we’ve been in the hot tub business, we’ve seen this over and over. When families get a hot tub and use it together there’s a closeness that’s visible.  We’ve seen it countless times.

4. Hot Tub and Daydream together. Think of it as long or short term. Maybe you want to plan your dream vacation. Maybe you want to plan a little further out and think about retirement or early retirement.  The hot tub is a great place to daydream together. Let you minds wander. The hot tub is a muse for many.

5. The Hot Tub is the New ” Dinner Table”. Many of you are thinking that, well, we used to do all of those things around the dinner table. But eating together as a family is a thing of the past. Everyone’s on a different schedule. Our Olympic Hot Tub customers tell us that they’re using the hot tub to reconnect with their families they way they used to around the dining table.  Making a short time to soak at night before bed is a great way reconnect and talk about each other’s day.

What are you waiting for? I’ll bet that installing a hot tub has long been on your bucket list. For your family’s sake, the time is now.

Thanks to Leo Babauta writer of the amazing blog Zen Habits for the idea.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.