Hot Tub Seating. We Answer the Question: “Lounge or No Lounge?”

April 11, 2012

Hot Spring Spa Lounge Best Seat in the HouseSHORT ANSWERS TO THE LOUNGE QUESTION

Olympic Hot Tub Staff Wades into Hot Tub Seating Options.

So should you get straight-up open seating or laid-back lounge in your hot tub? Our Olympic Hot Tub sales staff has watched people decide for years, including first-time buyers and repeat customers.

Here’s what our sales staff reports:

You need to test soak first before you decide whether to go with the lounge or the open-seated spa. For one thing, you have to make sure the lounge fits your body comfortably. Also, stretching out on the lounge is going to make you feel like you’re floating because of buoyancy, so if you’re more relaxed without the water’s lift, don’t go horizontal. I like the lighter feeling, so I have a lounge at home.

— Linda, Fife store

I started out with a lounge tub at home and decided the open seating was more comfortable. I always recommend taking a test soak in both styles and figuring out which feels more comfortable for you.Schedule a test soak and try your hot tub before you buy your hot tub!

— Robert, Lacey store

Most of my customers prefer open seating, even if they bought a lounge the first time around. They say it’s hard to relax when you feel like you’re floating off the chair.

— Karen, Fife store

In my experience, men tend to like the lounge, women are more likely to feel like they’re fighting to stay seated in the water. Personally, I like the variety of seating options you get with the lounge.

–Rick, Lacey store.

First-time buyers usually expect they’ll like the lounge, but after a test soak with all the family members, more than half of them wind up buying the open seating tub.

-Patty, Olympic Hot Tub Sales Manager

So, if you want to try a lounge, pick one that will fit your height, torso length and inseam comfortably – they’re not one-size-fits-all – and take a nice test soak to compare the lounge and the open seating. Then choose what’s more comfortable for you, and relax.

Your tub is an investment that you will have for a long time! It’s worth it to schedule a FREE test soak and to find the perfect tub for your body! At Olympic, we’ve had hot tubs set-up to try since our very first day in business 35 years ago. That’s how important we think test soaking is~!


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