Hot Tub Meditation

April 21, 2010

April 21, 2011

Having a hot tub can be a sensational thing, in every sense of the word. The warm water has a  way of rejuvenating all the senses, and makes a long and exhausting day melt away in just minutes. For stress relief, along with many other health benefits, using a hot tub can used as a way to “get back in tune” on a daily basis.

Being able to calm a busy mind is an excellent skill to have, but it may take a lifetime to master (think Tibetan monks). There are many different ways of controlling the mind’s continual chatter.  And, they all take practice.  Meditating in the hot tub is something that many of our Olympic Hot Tub Company customers tell us gives them a head start on their meditation practice.

When your feet touch the warm water, and your body feels the heat and the motion of the jets, it’s not difficult at that moment to stop thinking, and to start focusing on the feeling of the water on the body.  It’s its own meditation, in many ways. Even if you start with your eyes closed to “feel the water” it’s a way of centering that can have great benefits.

There are thousands of guided meditations that come from every spiritual tradition. It’s not surprising when we consider how water is viewed in different societies that hot water meditation would be of interest.  Water is a source of clarity, of purity, it speaks to the greater powers and pulls in the universe, and it’s used to wash things until they are transformed. The essence of water is simply beautiful, and it’s a great beginning point as a subject of contemplation, which can lead to wonderful, calming results to mind and body.

If you’re considering hot water meditation, do limit your sessions to 15-20 minutes at 102 degrees.

Staying in too much longer will be enervating and not calming to the mind.

If you’ve tried or are doing hot tub meditation, let me know how it’s going for you!

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.

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