Hot Tub Buyers Guide: Health Benefits of Salt Water Hot Tubs

November 30, 2012

Freshwater hot tubs are great for recreation and restoration, as people have known for centuries. For a new wave of relaxation, easy care and therapeutic benefits, salt-water care is the new must have for hot tubs. And, the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System exclusive to Hot Spring Spas is the #1 choice of all savvy buyers now.


The Ace salt system uses salt + water and some jazzy technology to make natural cleaners to sanitize the water. The result? Chemical use is greatly reduced. Your skin and eyes face fewer chemicals. Salt water is healthier for you to bathe in than a vat of harsh chemicals.


Warm salt water is a great way to ease swelling, says the National Strength and Conditioning Association, which recommends it for recovery from overexertion and exercise. The heat opens the pores and the salt draws fluid from the skin.


The Arthritis Foundation says hot tubs provide joint pain relief two ways: the application of warmth and the buoyancy of the water that relieves stress and pressure on the joints. Salt water adds to the buoyancy effect.

RELAX? NATURALLY. Order the Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System and bring the ocean to your hot tub!

Salt-water hot tubs help loosen tight muscles, even more effectively when you use Hot Spring Spas’ great jets. You’ll feel better inside and out.


Chlorine and harsh chemicals needed to sanitize plain water hot tubs can leave your skin dry, cracked and itchy. Salt is such a skin softener that it’s used in many skin products. Even people who are allergic to chlorine and those with sensitive skin can enjoy the softening soak without irritation.


Besides providing greater therapeutic benefits and soft, smooth skin, having an ACE Salt Water Care System on your Hot Spring Spa means

-Water is sparkling clean. Not just to look at, but sanitized for your health.

-You’ll have fewer bottled products to buy, measure, pour and worry about.

-You’ll save time because it’s more hands free.

-You’ll own a water care system that’s the ONLY easy system on the market today.  It’s automated and more hands-free.  One glance tells you it’s working! It’s the only salt system that’s full integrated into the control panel.

-You’ll eliminate dry skin, irritated eyes and chlorine odors. A huge bonus for children and those with sensitive skin (just about everyone these days!).

Hands down ACE makes hot tub water care easy, safe, cost-effective, environmentally responsible, natural, and, just plain, more enjoyable. In other words, everything you want for your hot tub care!!

More than 70 percent of the Earth is covered with salt water. Maybe it’s time you let it cover you.

 Buying a hot tub? If it doesn’t have an ACE Salt Water Care System, you’re going to be working too hard on hot tub care. Worst of all, you won’t be getting clean water and you’ll be sentencing your skin to early aging by bathing in a vat of harsh chemicals.

Check out the ACE Salt Water Care System today. It’s radically different, easy to use and results guaranteed. Take a FREE test soak to judge how your skin will feel after a salt water hot tub.  You’ll be surprised at how wonderful your skin feels.

SANUM PER AQUA Latin for health through water.


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