Hot Tub Before Breakfast for a Great Start To Your Day

November 7, 2014

Hot Spring-Highlife-2014-Envoy-AlpineWhite-Lifestyle-01November 7, 2014

Wake Up in the Water. The hot tub habit can get you going for a great day.

You can start every day with a splash in your hot tub that will invigorate you for whatever comes. Even now as its darker in the mornings hot tubbing before breakfast is a great way to go. Hot tubbing isn’t just for nighttime anymore.

Here are 6 tips for morning hot tubbing that can make your whole day better:

1.     Ease in. Hold off on the jets at first and just absorb the quiet alone time to get you centered for the day.

2.     Optimize to energize. With the water at 104°, ten minutes is enough to get an invigorating blood flow going. Get out before the warm comfort makes you drowsy.

3.     Caffeine up. Sip your coffee, tea, or soda while you soak, and nibble a sweet treat if you like. The increased blood flow will deliver that energy faster for an eye-opening wake-up. 

4.     Caffeine out. If you take your water plain, swig from a bottle of water and take some deep breaths to help enhance the hot water’s effects.

 5.     Stretch. If a run or a gym workout is next on your morning agenda, take advantage of the hot tub for light stretching that loosens your muscles and makes your exercise more effective.

6.     Enjoy.  Your tub is the best seat in the yard for appreciating nature as it awakes with you. Many Olympic Hot Tub owners listen for birds (or whales if they live on the water), and they tell us their senses are more attuned to the sounds around them. Many of our hot tub owners tell us, too, that their morning Hot Spring Spa session is the time they practice gratitude for all they have in life.
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A refreshing soak first thing makes every morning good, helps you adjust your attitude, and gives you a great start on your day. 

Are you a morning hot tubber? If you are, please share your thoughts with our readers.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for health through water.


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