Hot Spring Umbrella

Four terrific ways to enhance your hot tub setting

March 8, 2019

Hot Spring UmbrellaMarch 8, 2019 – When I started at Olympic back in 1995, we had very few options to make using a hot tub easier or enhance the way it looked in your backyard. My, how things have changed!

We’ve experimented with a number of different enhancements you could add to your tub to make it unique, easier to use, and really up the ante on your ability to enjoy it over the years. Here are four ideas to consider when purchasing your hot tub.

  • Spa Umbrella This is the least expensive way to provide shelter from the rain or shade from the sun (when it’s here in the Northwest!) while you’re taking a soak. We’ve carried a few umbrellas over the years, but the Spa Umbrella from Leisure Concepts has been the most reliable umbrella we’ve ever carried.

Reasons why we love the Spa Umbrella:

  • Has a 9’ diameter to provide shelter for nearly every size tub.
  • Comes in four terrific colors to complement most backyards: Camel, Crimson, Graphite, Navy.
  • Two different bases are available for flexibility of use: one that is freestanding so the umbrella can be used with the tub or moved elsewhere on your deck or patio; a base designed with a tongue to slide under the base of the tub that also has storage in it.
  • Its articulated arm allows you to swing the umbrella away from the tub for use over patio furniture when shelter over the hot tub is not required.
  • The canopy can be tilted on the umbrella arm for additional privacy or shade.
  • Made of Sunbrella material, the canopy is UV and mildew resistant.
  • It’s made right here in Washington.
  • A&B Cascade Surround A&B Accessories has been a designer of spa side accessories for longer than I’ve been in the hot tub industry! Their products are thoughtful useful items that also give a free-standing portable spa more of a “built in” look.

Reasons why we love the A&B Cascade Surround

  • Made of a hybrid material of recycled products and wood, this is a green alternative to a wood surround that will stay beautiful.
  • The Cascade Surround was created exclusively for Olympic Hot Tub based on feedback from our customers on what they would like most in a spa side enhancement.
  • Steps wrap around two sides of the tub for easy entry and exit.
  • A storage cabinet allows for water care products, tub toys and towels to be kept nearby; the top of the cabinet is a perfect place for drinks, devices to play Bluetooth music, and snacks to reside within reach when you’re soaking in your tub.
  • Is color matched to perfectly complement the cabinets of Hot Spring Spas.
  • Made in the USA in Arkansas!
  • Smartop The #1 complaint of customers who own a tub over time? They despise the vinyl cover of their tub. They require cleaning, get water-logged and lose energy efficiency the longer they’re in the elements, take on odors and mildew, and need replaced every 3-4 years. Some try to make them last longer, and the eventual weight of the cover gets so significant that it can rip a lifter mounted to the tub off the cabinet, causing a lot more cost than replacing the cover! A Smartop makes all these nuisances go away and bring the hot tub cover into the 21st

Reasons why we love Smartop

  • It’s made of components that can be replaced over time as it ages and is designed to be the only hot tub cover you’ll need.
  • Retains its ability to lock in heat and keeps your tub from using more energy over time.
  • Has the ability to withstand a lot of weight! Snow, small kids or large dogs getting on the cover…? No problem! Unlike a vinyl cover, Smartop will not crack or collapse.
  • Insulated with patented foam made by Corning designed to not absorb moisture.
  • Integrated hydraulic lift system makes Smartop removal a breeze and increases safety.
  • Steel cable cover locks secure the cover when not in use to lock in heat and keep unwanted visitors out.
  • Beautiful textured deco finishes add a luxe finish to your hot tub. Olympic has provided feedback on color options that will look terrific on any Hot Spring Spa.
  • It’s made right here in Washington by Leisure Concepts, the world’s largest hot tub accessory manufacturer!
  • Covana Automated Gazebo We’ve sold some nice enclosures over the years, but nothing matches this terrific product. Made in Canada, its engineering and looks have evolved to make it an awesome companion to Hot Spring Spas. If you’re looking for privacy, safety, and an option to design out replacing covers altogether, Covana is the answer!

Reasons why we love Covana   

  • Raises and lowers with the turn of a specialized key.
  • When lowered, it becomes the cover for your tub. No need to ever replace a hot tub cover!
  • Locks heat in your tub for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Can withstand incredible snow loads and winds up to 60 mph!
  • Offers excellent peace of mind if you’re away. When lowered, your hot tub is secure.
  • Contemporary look that is sleek enough to remain fresh over time.
  • Requires very little maintenance to keep seamlessly operating for years to come.


These are all items we’ve sold for years, look terrific with our entire line of tubs, and have a high rate of customer satisfaction. Visit one of our showrooms to check out these wonderful options and really make your hot tub environment a special one for you to enjoy for many many years!