Five top things to consider when buying a hot tub right now

October 7, 2020

October 7, 2020  – As demand for hot tubs continues at an all-time high, there are a lot of first time hot tub shoppers out there trying to figure out the right tub to buy.

Plenty of people come into the hot tub buying process thinking that a good hot tub will cost about $5,000. This always amazes me, as that’s how much folks thought a good hot tub cost when I started out in the hot tub industry—25 years ago! Once you do some research, you’ll realize good quality tubs that are designed to be easy to own and last for years will cost a good bit more than $5,000. With that kind of investment, you owe it to yourself to make sure you focus on the right things to make a smart decision. Here are five things you should consider when you buy a hot tub right now!

  • Sitting in safe clean water is paramount. Get a tub that has good balanced filtration. One tiny filter in a 400-500 gallon tub means two things: they put little thought, expense or care into making sure you would sit in clean water, and you may end up doing a lot more work to keep the water clean than anyone has time for these days. Balanced filtration with multiple filters ensures you sit in water that’s cleaner and will require less work for you. Also, look for tubs that allow you to sit in virtually chlorine free water. Hot Spring Spas feature healthy salt water soaking. You’ll sit in water that’s softer, has enough residual sanitizer produced for safe soaking, and is far better for you and the environment.
  • Get a hot tub that won’t shock you when the power bill arrives. This requires a deeper look, as all hot tubs must meet the energy guidelines put forth by the California Energy Commission. That’s a bare minimum benchmark! If you look beyond the marketing statements made by most hot tub manufacturers, you’ll discover no third party energy testing has been done, nor have the tubs been built to truly keep your energy costs low. Hot Spring is the only manufacturer to this very day that has contracted an outside agency to conduct energy use studies. You’ll find an energy calculator on their site to help you determine the approximate cost of running a Hot Spring Spa in your backyard. You’ll be pleased to see you could run your hot tub for a month for the cost of about four lattes! (It will be much better for you, too!)
  • A lot of jets may be nice…good therapeutic jets far better. Higher horsepower pumps and high jet counts don’t necessarily equate to the best massage experience. It’s easy to punch a lot of holes in a hot tub shell and put more jets in the tub than you’ll ever need. (That’s not necessarily smart to avoid cracks in the shell or leaks over time, either.) Truly, we’ve had some customers try out other brands of tubs and complain that there were so many jets it blew them right out of the seats! Your body craves targeted massage that will relieve key pain points and areas where stress lives in our bodies. Good therapeutic jets like the patented Moto-Massage found in Hot Spring’s Highlife Collection is legendary for its ability to sweep up and down your back, massaging it entirely. Those two jets take the place of eight or ten stationary jets in the same area of the tub—and boy, does it do a far more therapeutic job! (I have three herniated discs in my back—I know!) You’ll often find anywhere from five to eight different types of jets in a Hot Spring Spa. You’ll not only have jets that target different areas, they will also feel different and really increase your overall enjoyment and well-being. Take a moment to watch this quick video from one our customers on what a big difference her Hot Spring Spa has made in her life.
  • Buy from a company that will be there for you. Sounds logical, right? Yet many hot tub shoppers don’t even find out if the company they’re buying the tub from has the ability to take care of them after the tub is delivered. Do they have their own service department that provides your warranty service? Do they have a Valet Team that can help out with water care or perform cleaning services if you get too busy or need some TLC? Do they have an online store so you can continue to buy the right products to protect your investment and you in turn can support them as a local small business? Do they have home delivery services to make sure you have the key items you need for your hot tub and can get them shipped to your home right on schedule so you’re never stuck? If you ask questions like this and you get a deer-in-the-headlight stare or they blow them off as unimportant…you should re-think your buying decision.
  • Lastly, don’t overbuy! Bigger is not always necessarily better. We have plenty of customers that come back to us over the years to buy another tub from us based on the terrific experience they had with their first one. Yet, seldom do they buy a tub as big as the first one. Why? A lot of people will buy their first tub thinking it will get used with friends and end up with something that will seat 6-7 people. I’ve always told my customers to buy the tub for themselves first and everyone else second. When you own a hot tub, you tend to use it first thing in the morning or at the end of your day to help you get a good night’s sleep. That’s when no one else is around but you! Take a look at the way you live life and what the recent pandemic has done to shift your life experiences. Be sure to buy the tub that’s right for

Our buyer’s guide may have more tips to help lead you to the tub that’s right for you. If you’re in our area, we’d love to help you find the ideal tub!