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Dry skin issues while hot tubbing? We have two solutions

October 14, 2019

silkbalance bottleOctober 14, 2019 – Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, and hot tubbing during crisp fall nights or early mornings are the best! But, if you’re someone that suffers from dry skin, sometimes hot tub soaks can enhance that dryness. Fortunately, we have two solutions that will help.

If you’re a current hot tub owner using traditional water care products, you should absolutely consider converting your tub to SilkBalance. We’ve been a dealer for SilkBalance for ten years now. In fact, we were the very first dealer to start offering the product in the U.S.! We have thousands of customers using SilkBalance in their tub. Many of them started using it because they had dry skin issues. Some even have psoriasis or eczema to deal with that would limit their hot tub use. SilkBalance afforded them the luxury of returning to their hot tub for regular soaks!

SilkBalance does exactly what the name indicates. First, it helps keep your pH and alkalinity levels in balance, so you can avoid testing and balancing with water care products. Eliminating the introduction of balancers to your water regularly already help keep your hot tub water softer. SilkBalance also works fabulously with softer water, which is what we in the Northwest tend to have coming right out of our tap. This makes using SilkBalance in our region especially easy.

Secondly, its proprietary formula has softening agents that guard against dry skin. It’s really quite something to emerge from your tub after a soak and not feel the need to moisturize your skin to replenish what hot water might have taken. That’s why SilkBalance can proudly lead off with “silk” as the start of its brand name.

The folks who use SilkBalance love it. The water is easier to maintain, keeps your skin silky soft, and has a fresh clean scent that counters the odor of traditional water care products. SilkBalance offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product. With as many customers as we have enjoying SilkBalance, you can easily guess how often anyone takes us up on that!

If you’re thinking of getting a new tub, you should definitely get a Hot Spring Spa with the new FreshWater Salt System. Hot Spring has led the way in salt water innovation for hot tubbing. In fact, no other hot tub manufacturer has bothered to create an integrated salt system for their hot tubs that works in harmony with the tub’s filtration and control system. Hot Spring began offering salt systems on their tubs in 2009.

This year, they introduced the latest generation of salt water soaking with the FreshWater Salt System. This new system is a significant leap forward in its ease of use and its eco-friendliness. With a recyclable cartridge that requires no cleaning that’s replaced every four months, you’ll avoid a lot of water care product expense and maintenance. A big bonus? With proper care, you can wait up to one year before you’ll need to replace your hot tub’s water! Wow!

The other great aspect of salt water soaking is how good it is for your skin, and how much less drying effect you’ll experience as a result. Soaking in salt water helps wounds heal more quickly, and the salt water enhances buoyancy. That relieves tension on muscles and joints in a way basic hot tub water cannot. You’ll really feel like you had a great healthy soak that won’t dry out your skin the same way it would in a tub without a FreshWater Salt System.

Two answers to keep you soaking every day in your hot tub without suffering from dry skin! What’s not to love about that?

If you’re in the market for a new tub and in our service area, I hope you’ll visit one of our showrooms and see (and feel!) firsthand what a Hot Spring Spa with a FreshWater Salt System offers. We’ve got a number of tubs in every showroom up and running so you can try one out.

If you have a tub without a salt system running on other water care products, we offer a SilkBalance Conversion Service. Our Valet Team can visit your home and get you set up for success to enjoy softer soaks every night with SilkBalance. Our folks at the Service Center can answer your questions and get things underway.

Happy soaking!