Driven to Relax: A Porsche vs a Hot Spring Spa

February 18, 2014

2013 Porsche Boxster400SqPorsche ads are touting many of the same pleasures that you can gain from soaking in your Hot Spring Spa.  Hard to believe that driving a Porsche would give you the same experiences. But, have you noticed the latest Porsche ads celebrating their 50th anniversary?

I never realized how much having a hot tub is like having a Porsche, at a fraction of the cost, but it makes sense considering that a Hot Spring Spa is the elegant leader of its elite class.

You’ll get the same kind of instant thrills that Porsche talks about:

Awe from Day 1.

Silly grins from Day 1.

A connection like none other from Day 1.

Dream fulfillment from Day 1.Order the Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System and bring the ocean to your hot tub!

Magic from Day 1.

 A Hot Spring Spa will give you even more:

Waves of pleasure from Day 1.

 Stress-free solitude from Day 1.

 Splashes with friends from Day 1.

 Romantic backyard getaways from Day 1.

 Healthy energy boosts from Day 1.

Peace of mind from Day 1.

 Sure, a Porsche is nice. But look what you can have, on Day 1 and every day, for far less without ever leaving home.  And no worries about the price of gas or speeding tickets.

Come on over and givc a Hot Spring Spa a test drive in one of our 5 Olympic Hot Tub stores.  Soak up the fun.

Relax for life®


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