Don’t Be Sleepless in Seattle. Sound Sleep Guaranteed When You Hot Tub Before Bed

March 7, 2012

Sleep and hot tubs. What’s the connection?

Did you know that relaxing in a hot tub before bed can help ease your body into a deeper sleep?Sleepless-in-Seattle-Olympic-Hot-Tub1-300x199

We’re celebrating National Sleep Awareness Week, the annual campaign by the National Sleep Foundation that runs from March 5 to 11 to remind people about the importance and value of sleep.

For most adults, seven to eight hours is the prime amount of sleep to get a night, while kids and newborns require even more sleep.  As the NIH puts it, “how well rested you are and how well you function the next day depend on your total sleep time and how much of the various stages of sleep you get each night.”

According to a recent poll by the NSF, approximately 132 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders more than one a night a week. This number is rising! The growing number of sleep disorder centers across the nation (approximately 3,000 in the U.S. today) is proof that more people are sleepless and are desperate to do something about it.

Sleep researchers believe that many cases of insomnia can be traced to our hectic, stressful lifestyles. Even though you may enjoy perfect health, sleep deprivation can soon lead to a variety of ailments like heart disease, high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s according to the National Institutes of Health.

The results of sleep deprivation are varied and can include poor mental performance, battered nerves, grogginess, lapses in memory, depression, and even erratic mood swings. Rather than reaching for over-the-counter sleeping aids, prescription drugs or giving in to insomnia, the first thing to do is relax in a hot tub before bedtime.

The Pool & Spa News magazine (July 1998) reported that a Gallup poll found bathing to induce sleep common among the 1,000 adults surveyed, and a Consumer Reports survey reported that readers with mild sleep disorders listed a warm bath as one of the most popular remedies.

Studies suggest that immersion in hot water (such as a hot tub which has a constant temperature) before bedtime can ease the transition into a deeper, more restful sleep.  This may be due to a temperature shift, since the body’s core internal thermostat drops after leaving the water, which signals the body that it’s time to sleep.  Or, the sleep improvement may be related to hot water’s relaxing properties – the buoyancy of water reduces body weight by approximately 90%, relieving pressure on joints and muscles, creating the sensation of weightlessness.  The hot, swirling water leaves you feeling both mentally and emotionally relaxed.

In addition, hot tub-induced sleep is a natural remedy, unlike alternative sleeping aids such as prescription drugs, over-the-counter remedies and alcohol – all of which can make you feel groggy and have other adverse side effects.

Just how much can a hot tub enhance your sleep?  Researchers are still finding out.  But don’t be “desperate in Seattle”, tossing and turning all night.  Our Olympic Hot Tub customers have told us for years that a hot tub at home has changed their lives by giving them the precious gift of sleep.

Come take a FREE test soak at one of our Olympic Hot Tub Company showrooms and test the better sleep theory for yourself.  I guarantee you’ll enjoy better sleep.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.


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