FreshWater Salt System

Dispelling myths about salt water hot tubs

March 5, 2020

FreshWater Salt SystemMarch 5, 2020 – It’s interesting to hear the wild stories customers tell us when they’re out shopping for a hot tub. There are plenty of them, to be sure! Lately, there has been an increase of hot tub salespeople telling very tall—and very untrue—tales about the perils of salt water in your hot tub.

Why does this happen? Well, the number one reason is…they don’t have it to sell. And I totally get it. As someone who’s been in this business for 25 years, I’ve become very used to other hot tub companies casting aspersions on features we’re lucky enough to have on Hot Spring Spas that they don’t. And there are quite a few, believe me!

The untruths being shared with customers when salt water is brought up border on unethical. It’s one thing to sell the benefit of what you have to offer on your hot tub brand; it’s quite another to throw shade at something that works outstandingly.

I thought it would be prudent to dispel some of the myths about owning a Hot Spring Spa with a FreshWater Salt System.

Common myth #1: Salt water hot tubs corrode. This is an easy thing for someone to tell you about a tub with salt water.

Here’s the truth: Any hot tub where humans don’t do what they’re supposed to do with their water care can damage or ruin a hot tub. The beauty of a Hot Spring Spa with a FreshWater Salt System? It has safeguards designed in to prevent you from getting to the point where you can do harm to your tub. The system has a reminder built into it for you to confirm how much sanitizer you want the salt system to produce from the salt in the water. By confirming this setting every ten days, you’ll be confident your tub will remain safe, healthy and keep it from getting to the point where any harm can befall your hot tub. And—because we know humans are not infallible—if you fail to confirm the setting on your tub, it will eventually move into “vacation mode” so it will only produce a trace amount of sanitizer to keep the water clean. It will never get to the point where you inadvertently damage your hot tub.

Common myth #2: All a salt system does is makes chlorine. This is partially true; it’s the rest they’re not telling you that speaks volumes!

Here’s the truth: The FreshWater Salt System does indeed produce chlorine from the salt in the water. What is not being shared? The salt system produces just enough natural chlorine to keep the water smelling fresh and does so without creating harsh odors or drying out your skin. This is because you’re not using a bottled chlorine product after every use. Bottled chlorine is chock full of filler to stabilize it; these fillers can irritate and dry out your skin. It also sets you up to do a lot more testing and balancing of your water that’s avoided by not having to use bottled product.

Common myth #3: The system is expensive to use. Wow. They are WAY off the mark here! And, it tells you a lot about the salesperson in front of you.

Here’s the truth: If they truly knew how inexpensive this system was compared to using traditional water care, they would never bring it up at all. The salt cartridges you use for the FreshWater Salt System cost you about the same amount of money as drinking seven lattes a month for a year. That’s it. And, because the system requires virtually no bottled products, you won’t be spending money on those either. AND! Think of all the time you’ll save to boot!

Common myth #4: Salt water systems for hot tubs don’t work. This is not only untrue, it’s frankly just insulting. To both those (like Olympic) who are Hot Spring dealers and to your intelligence.

Here’s the truth: Hot Spring is the only hot tub manufacturer that has ever bothered to dedicate themselves to simpler, healthier more eco-friendly water care through a salt water system. They have an eleven-year history offering salt water as an option on Hot Spring Spas! Hot Spring has been the top brand of hot tub worldwide for over 25 years and manufactured over 1.5 million hot tubs. If this technology did not work, do you think it would still be offered?? Obviously, the answer would be a resounding no. It would do nothing for the brand reputation, consumer satisfaction, and dealers would be up in arms.

The other reason this idea simply doesn’t hold water? (Pun intended!) We at Olympic love giving the customers a chance to try out tubs before they make their final decision on the right one for them. There are at least six to seven tubs on every showroom floor ready for you to dip into…and every one of them has a FreshWater Salt System in operation for its water care. Again, logic should win out here. If we have that many of them ready at any given time for a customer to give a try, we clearly do not have a system that doesn’t work. Quite the opposite!

Nothing will substitute for a visit to an Olympic showroom to see a Hot Spring Spa in action with a FreshWater Salt System. Bring your suit and give one a try! We know you’ll be thrilled and will be confident salt water soaking is the best way to improve your health and well-being.

Doesn’t a hot tub sound good right about now?