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Cloudy hot tub? 5 easy solutions.

June 27, 2017

Fantasy replacement filtersA cloudy day can be a thing of beauty. A cloudy hot tub, not so much. It’s one of the most common issues hot tub users experience over time. You deserve to soak in crystal clear water. It’s essential to the ultimate hot tub experience.  Here are some solutions to add clarity back to your hot tub water.

  1. Filters-Your first line of defense. Set ‘em and forget ‘em is not a good strategy. Filters need regular cleaning. Their job is to catch debris and other yucky stuff. Your job is to remove it. Sure, you can wash out the pine needles and leaves with a garden hose. But body oils and other matter need to be broken down with a solvent like the filter cleaning agents we sell in our E-Store. Put this on your calendar: Clean hot tub filters every month. And remember… filters don’t last forever.
  2. Don’t forget the sanitizer. When folks are done soaking, they typically leave a little something behind in a hot tub like dead skin, body oils, and other funky stuff. It’s a totally natural outcome. Some soakers just shut the tub and merrily go about their business…and that is so wrong! Bacteria just loves hot water, and untreated it can grow into a cloudy plume. Nothing personal, but you need to sanitize after every use baby!  It’s the best way to kill the bacteria and keep the water crystal clean.
  3. How’s your pH? Not sure? Check it! Sometimes cloudy hot tub water is simply the result of improper pH balance. You’ll find test strips and other ways to keep your pH balanced in our E-store so you can check your water and make adjustments as necessary. The ideal range for hot tub water is 7.2-7.6.
  4. Clarifiers clarify. Clarifiers track down and cling to organic matter. If you’ve sanitized and can scratch that off your list of things to do, add an ounce or two of clarifier. Then run the jets for about an hour. That should gather up the foreign bodies that are making the water cloudy. Remember to thoroughly clean your filters after you clarify. You’ll want to remove any debris the clarifier has deposited in your filter.  To ensure crystal clarity, add an ounce or two of clarifier to your hot tub water weekly.
  5. How old is your water? How old is old? More than four months. That’s how often you should drain & refill your tub. We find that many customers try to make do with water that’s way past its “drain date”. At that point you’re spending way too much time “doctoring” your water when you could have simply solved the problem with fresh water.  If you’re finding it hard to make the time to drain & refill, let us do it for you! Just contact our Service Center and ask about our Olympic Hot Tub Valet Service. We can help take some, or all of the work out of maintaining your hot tub!

Ready for crystal clear water? These tips should help so you can have a safe, healthy soak every time. Need additional help? Remember to contact our Service Center where helping you is Job One!