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Swim your way to better health with a swim spa

  August 7th, 2023 — One of the very best (and fun!) ways to get fit is swimming. For decades, for many the idea of a place to swim at home was a pipe dream at best. Now, with Endless Pools, there is finally an attainable way to enjoy swimming at home for fun and … Read More

Hot tub use can help control Type 2 Diabetes. Who knew?

June 23, 2017 –  One of my relatives has Type 2 Diabetes. We don’t get together very often, but when we do we talk about the usual things; the weather, family, and her health. And each time we meet, I gently remind her that one of the ways to manage blood sugar levels is a regular … Read More

The Real Skinny on Hot Tubs And Weight Loss

Soak the Pounds Off. Hot tubbing’s beneficial side effects may include weight loss. The extended sunshine in Seattle these past weeks has made most people shed their fleece pullovers for shorts & tee shirts. That look over winter’s flab has made many people search for weight loss remedies. And, maybe even try working out and … Read More

Almost everyone is interested in weight loss at one time or another.  Some of us more often than not.  And, we’re all looking for the easy, no pain way to lose unwanted pounds, right?  A hot tub can help in surprising ways.  Although it’s not a substitute for more exercise and fewer calories, these three … Read More

Weight Loss Tip: Soak in the Hot Tub BEFORE Dinner

Want to lose a few pounds this January after holiday partying in December? You know  the old adage about weight loss? Eat less; exercise more. How about accomplishing both at one time? Guaranteed way to eat less: drink an 8oz glass of water then soak in your Hot Spring Spa for 2o minutes before dinner. … Read More

As soon as the weather gets chilly, most people in Japan turn to thoughts of yu (湯, hot water). The saying “yu ga ichiban no kusuri” “hot water is the best medicine is a popular maxim in Japan where hot springs have warmed people for centuries. Many people in rural areas remember the slogan “nihonjin … Read More

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