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Hot Tubbing Outdoors: An Important Component of Mental Health

Hot tub soaking outside in the winter is not only the best time because of the contrast between the heat and the cold outside, but it may make an important difference in your mental health. When you’re indoors all day in winter, your outdoor time is usually limited to the dash from your car to … Read More

’tis the season when many people suffer severe migranes and there’s no better place to go to alleviate a migrane than your Hot Spring Spa. Physiologically, the migraine headache is a neurological condition more common to women than to men. The word migraine was based on Greek hemikrania, from Greek roots for “half” and “skull” … Read More

More news from the experts who have been studying hot water immersion: Dr. Bruce Becker at Washington State University and Dr. Jack Raglin of Indiana University.  Here’s a short summary of their latest findings presented at the World Aquatic Conference in Colorado Springs last October. According to Dr. Raglin, taking time to relax in warm … Read More

Last Friday night my husband and I went to a dinner party where the guest of honor was John Medina, author of “Brain Rules” . Dr. Medina has dual professorships at the University of Washington and Seattle Pacific University where he is involved with an institute on the brain and learning. I’ve been wanting to … Read More

HOT TUB YOGA! We had an early call this morning from our friends Lynne & Walter who are real physical fitness buffs. Both in their 70’s they go to the gym, walk and bike to keep fit. They’re our inspiration for living well.  Right now they’re in Palm Springs for the sun (and glad they … Read More

Did you know this is the International Year of Astronomy?  What better time than now to learn about the night sky.  Galaxy Gazing from your Hot Spring Spa on a starry is indeed heavenly.  Pick out the Big Dipper, Orion, Gemini-the twins and other constellations seen in the mid-winter sky. The best source for information … Read More

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