Take in the green comet this week from your hot tub

  January 11th, 2023 – Sky gazers rejoice! Every once in a while, something truly spectacular takes place in our night skies. This particular event is something really special—and it will be even more so if enjoyed from the hot bubbly water of your hot tub! The green comet will be visible in the sky … Read More

Enjoy the lunar eclipse from your hot tub!

November 7th, 2022 – You may have already decided to take a dip in your hot tub Tuesday, November 8th. Given that it’s mid-term election day, there will surely be plenty of stress you’ll want to soak away! But there’s a much better reason this year: the last lunar eclipse for quite a while will … Read More

Enhance Your Hot Tub Soaking with Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy

March 22, 2016 Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy is a terrific way to get even more therapeutic boost from your hot tub soak! Each formula contains the minerals derived from natural hot springs the world over that mimic the legendary advantages of soaking in their analgesic waters. Joint Relief is designed for joint pain & stiffness. … Read More

It’s the season when many people suffer severe migraines and there’s no better place to go to alleviate a migraine than your Hot Spring Spa. Physiologically, the migraine headache is a neurological condition more common to women than to men. The word migraine was based on the Greek word hemikrania, from the Greek roots for … Read More

6 Important Ways a Hot Tub at Home Will Guarantee Better Health

Top 6 ways having a hot tub at home and using it will improve your health. In January most people’s thoughts turn to ways they can improve their health in the new year, but many have lost their focus by February. Get back to your original intention to be healthier in 2011 by installing a … Read More

Hot Tub in the Dark For Maximum Relaxation!

  Dr. Jeromone E. Garanato, Medical Director of the Coranary Care Unit of Allegheny General Hospital and author of “Living with Heart Coronary Heart Disease” has a wonderful suggestion: take a bath in the dark! I know he meant bath as in bath tub, but think of the benefits of hot tub soaking in the … Read More

Exposure to Nature Boosts Immunity: Soak in Your Backyard Hot Tub

We’ve found that most people don’t go out in nature (or even in their backyards) often until they get a hot tub. Spending time outdoors in the hot tub in the middle of one’s garden was a surprising benefit for new hot tub owners.  The Tuesday, July 6th edition of the New York Times published … Read More

Spark Your Creativity With a Soak in Your Hot Tub

We all get our best ideas when we’re relaxed. And, what better place to relax than in the soothing waters of your Hot Spring Spa? The right brain is the source of creativity because it has a diffuse view. The left brain is the analytical “do it now” focused part of our brains responsible for … Read More

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