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We all know that April 15th is tax day.  You want to pay your fair share, but why pay more than you have to, right? IRS regulations may allow a deduction for your hot tub purchase if your doctor recommends hot water therapy for a medical condition. At Olympic Hot Tub Company, we’re hearing more … Read More

Two Person Hot Tubs Are Best Sellers

Why are small 2 person hot tubs so hot right now? Let me count the reasons. 1. Entertaining is “out”.  “It’s only for the two of us”, say new buyers. At Olympic Hot Tub we recently sold a triangular Hot Spot TX two-person hot tub to an older couple that were downsizing from a deeper … Read More

Hot Tubbing Together Keeps Intimacy Alive

Here’s a timely thought to keep that Valentine’s Day feeling all year.  Hot tubbing keeps intimacy alive. It can be nearly impossible to carve out alone time with your spouse or significant other.  Ever had the experience of trying to set up a date with your spouse with both of your calendars open? That may … Read More

I’m reminding everyone now that Valentine’s Day is Monday. And, it’s always February 14th. A shockingly high number of men (67% say studies that study this kind of thing) are unprepared for Valentine’s Day and wait ’til the day itself to think about it. With a little advance planning, you can create a memorable Valentine’s … Read More

Rub a Dub Hot Tub: Today’s National Read in the Tub Day

Grab your duck and a good read and you’re set.  Why not read every day in the hot tub? If you’re like me and have dropped many a good book in the water, here are three suggestions for making it easy to relax, read and keep your book dry while you soak: 1. Wrap your … Read More

Want to boost your creativity and intelligence? Read on! In a recent study as reported in the January 8th Wall Street Journal, Israeli researchers compared how 40 people performed on a 25-item test requiring considerable linguistic inventiveness. Before the test, some people squeezed rubber balls—hard—with their left hand, an activity known to stimulate the brain’s … Read More

It will be clear tonight. Can you believe it? Take a break in your Hot Spring Spa to relish the beauty of the first full moon of the year-the Wolf Moon! Full moon names date back to Native Americans tribes of the northern and eastern United States. The tribes kept track of the seasons by … Read More

Top 10 Most Popular Posts on Hot Tub Bliss

  Drum roll, please! Here they are the top 10 most popular posts on Hot Tub Bliss in 2011. 1. Water chemistry is  ever the mysterious art for many hot tub owners. That’s why the #1 post was: “Bubbles, Yes, But No Foam in the Hot Tub, Please!” from July 26, 2008. 2. That really … Read More

Take Winter By Storm-Install Your Hot Tub Now

Weather forecasters are warning Puget Sound residents to plan now for a colder, wetter and snowier winter…and the possibility of snow by the end of this week. With a La Nina weather pattern bringing more cold weather to the region-think snow-you’ll want to be prepared. For the scary stuff on how to cope,  go to … Read More

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