Homework is helped by hot tub use.

Can a hot tub soak speed up your kid’s homework?

October 19, 2018

Homework is helped by hot tub use.

October 19, 2018 – I just returned from some time down at Hot Spring Spas’ manufacturing facility outside San Diego. I had wanted to take all my team members who don’t normally get a chance to visit Hot Spring and get a glimpse into the hot tub brand we’ve partnered with for the past 36 years. It was a great time!

During the visits, some of my team got to spend time with the amazing Scott Iverson, who is celebrating his 30-year history with Watkins Wellness, the parent company that makes Hot Spring Spas. Scott has a special place in Olympic’s heart too. For years he was our rep with Hot Spring. He was also there at the start of my time with Olympic 23 years ago. He’s an undeniable enthusiast for hot tubbing, and an amazing human being.

Scott runs into folks who own Hot Spring Spas all the time and, when he does, he always asks, “How has hot tubbing changed your life?” Well, he shared a new one that I’d never heard before!

He recently asked an owner that question. Her reply: “There’s a new rule in our house: no homework before the hot tub.” Whoa! I was dumbfounded. It seems like, at least what I hear from friends who have kids, sometimes getting the homework checked off the list each day can be a struggle. This mom, however, recognized that when her kids got home, they were still awhirl with what they dealt with during their school day. Think about it: peer pressure, sports, clubs, trying to fit in…it’s all connected to a lot of stress, energy and adrenaline. She discovered that getting her kids in the hot tub for a soak when they got home gave them an opportunity to let all those things out and got them in a much more relaxed focused state to tackle their homework. AND—it resulted in the homework getting done faster than it had before!

Who knew?? (Well, it would stand to reason the magic of hot water can positively affect just about anything!)

If you’ve got kids at home, give this new tactic a try. You may find that it offers all of you a reason to say, “Aaaah”!