Buying a Hot Tub? Kids Speak Out On What They Like Best

July 25, 2013
Hot Tub waterfalls are popular with kids
Hot Tub waterfalls are popular with kids

When kids come shopping at Olympic Hot Tub, they feel like they’re in a free amusement park.  I asked our sales staff in several stores to share what they’ve observed when kids think about buying a hot tub.

“Kids always love the lights and waterfalls,” says Linda in Fife. “And the toys – playing cards, ducks and at least two Zip pets so they can race them across the hot tub.”

“They ‘ooooh’ and ‘ahhhh’ over the lighting – especially the Limelight and Hot Spot models,” says Kim in Lacey. “The multiple points of rotating lights really seem to catch their attention. It’s kind of fun, while their parents chat, to hang with the kids and see what color they think will come up next. I love watching them jump back as the Hot Spring Aria’s Bella Fontana waterfall kicks on- they think it’s going to get them! Sometimes they say, ‘It’s like a big bath tub – can we put bubbles in it?’”

“I would say they’re fascinated by the water – love to put their hands in it and push the buttons,” says Karen in Fife. “They’re a little scared of the jets, but they love the water toys.”

Will in Seattle and Kim in Lacey agree that children find the water features most enchanting.

“Without a doubt the BellaFontana on the Highlife Collection and the Vidro feature on the LimeLight Collection are the most popular features for kids in a hot tub,” Will says. “It is fun when you can position a youngster so that the fountain catches them by surprise. The adults enjoy it too.”

Computer-savvy kids are attracted to the control panels on the hot tub.

“I had a new customer come in that has a son in the Gifted Child program. He was highly intrigued by the advanced menu options on the Limelight and Highlife collection,” Kim says. “I think anything computer based, piques curiosity in pre-teen/teen age kids.”

“A lot of their questions involve the control panel and how to operate it while others quiet down when Toy Story 3 pops up on our new LCD TV,” Wills says. “One little sister remarked to her younger brother that he was too small for the lounger one day. He stared at her and kind of shifted around and said, ‘Don’t worry, Meaghan, I’m going to get bigger!’”

The nice thing about this entertainment adventure, of course, is that you can take it home with you. Some families take their children’s suggestions for the model to purchase.

“More than one set of parents lets let the teenager pick the hot tub,” Karen says. “They say, ‘Which one do you like?’ and buy the one the teenager points to”.

As the Romans said it…RES EST SERVAS VOLUPTAS.  Pleasure is serious business.


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