Big News: $1300 Bluetooth® Music System Yours For A Buck Through March 27th

March 10, 2016

Magic of music eventMarch 10, 2016

Who says a dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to?

Now, it goes further! $1.00 gets you an additional $1299.

Wow! A Wireless Sound with Bluetooth Technology system  total value: $1300. is yours for only $1.00 when you purchase a NEW 2016 Hot Spring® NXT, Highlife or Limelight® Collection spa now through March 27th at Olympic Hot Tub.

The hot tub experience is priceless. 

This month, the music is a buck.


Repeat: Buy any model in the Hot Spring NXT, Highlife or Limelight collection between March 11th and 27th, 2016 and add $1.00 for a $1,300. music system.

That’s music to your ears as you soak your aching muscles, ease your mind, and refresh your spirit in your luxurious Hot Spring Spa from Olympic Hot Tub. Singing along in the tub – in the rain, in the sun, under the stars – is more fun than singing in the shower. Or you can just relax and let the sound waves wash over you like the water.


It’s more than hydrotherapy-its hydrotherapy + audio therapy for a relaxation experience beyond all others. Music can make you more creative, boost your immune system and drain your anxiety giving you a greater peace of mind and calm. Paired with a hot tub soak, the benefits are multiplied because your hot tub gives you those benefits as well!


The system pairs with any Bluetooth technology enabled music device and wirelessly transmits live streaming options like Pandora or downloads songs saved directly on the device. The transmitter is safe indoors, and you’ll enjoy music from your iPod®, MP3, satellite radio, AM/FM radio, CD/DVD player, audio files on your computer, and more, with the volume control at your fingertips.

Whenever you prefer a silent soak, you can leave it off. When you feel like adding another pleasant sense to your soak experience, you can turn it on.

Magic of Music for $1.00 must end March 27th

Get double the relaxation NOW when you buy a new Hot Spring Spa at Olympic Hot Tub. Hurry in to one of our 5 Puget Sound locations today!

As the Romans said it, Res severa est verum gaudium. True pleasure is a serious business.


Sound Investment: Hot Spring Adds Bluetooth Technology to Wireless Music System