Beyond Relaxation-Hot Tubs Used for UFO Sightings, Healing, and Birthing

December 6, 2012

If you’re like most people, you’ve purchased a hot tub to relax. There are those who use their hot tubs for UFO sightings, healing and even giving birth.


We have a number of customers who have reported seeing UFO’s flying around at night while they were in their hot tubs. I’ve heard of UFO hot tub sighting clubs, but lost their address (sorry!).

Could be they’re on the flight path to/from a military airport. Could be they have vivid imaginations. Could be….true!

Soaking without sighting just isn’t the same, they say!  One Olympic Hot Tub hot tub owner report that she hadn’t actually seen a UFO, but she knew one had landed on her cover and destroyed it. I did see a UFO once..but not while soaking in the tub….


We know an Olympic Hot Tub Company Hot Spring Spa owner who is a psychotherapist / psychic / faith healer who puts her “patients” into her special hot tub room.  She uses the different colored hot tub light lenses to help heal her patients.  Each patient soaks for up to an hour with the whole room and tub lit up in different colors, depending on their illness.  She’s had much success with this saying that this treatment relaxes and heals her patients.

I’ve never tried it, but know the hot tub can cure so many ailments-from arthritis to headaches, joint pain to temper tantrums.  I’m not surprised by her success.


Beyond the couch!  Some of our Olympic Hot Tub customers are  psychologists who report inviting their patients to use the hot tub before a therapy session. They say this helps relax and makes them more talkative and open.


Many hot tub users report that their spa is the perfect place for their nightly meditation or prayer session with God. They report that the warm water and relaxing effects of their hot tub outdoors put them in a special place that makes meditation easier and more meaningful.


Delivering a baby in water has recently become popular. We’ve had a number of customers tell us they have given birth (or watched their wives give birth) in their backyard hot tubs with the assistance of a mid wife or doula (birthing coach).  They say that the experience was personal, transcending, and even “mind-blowing” reported one new father.

Most hospitals offer water births for women with normal pregnancies. However, it’s still considered an alternative birthing method, and not every doctor is convinced it’s safe. Check out the information on the Water Birth International website if you’re interested. The birthing mother goes through labor in the hot tub and delivers in water or moves out of the hot tub for the actual delivery.  During a water birth at a hospital, both the mother and baby receive the same medical care as they would in a hospital bed. A special underwater Doppler device monitors the baby’s heartbeat. The mother can even receive medications through an IV while under water.

Anyone using their hot tub in a new & unusual way? Do tell us about it in the comments section.

Happy Soaking!

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through water.


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