Best Christmas Present? Husband Arranges Surprise Hot Tub Delivery

November 26, 2010

Over the years, we’ve delivered many hot tubs that turned out to be a complete surprise for the families.

The best story: a couple came in to the Olympic Hot Tub Company Fife store and looked at hot tubs. Finally the husband told the salesman, “I’m sorry. We just can’t afford one.” The wife looked so disappointed. About an hour later, the phone rang. It was the husband whispering into the phone, “I’m the person who was just in and said we couldn’t afford it. I want to buy one for my wife as a surprise.” The details were finalized and the tub was set for delivery on a Saturday when his wife was at work.

That Saturday, our Olympic Hot Tub Company truck pulled up and the fellow ran out with his video camera shouting, ” Go back. Go back!” The truck turned around, went around the block and came back to his home as he filmed it. He filmed the entire delivery.

That night It was very dark outside and his wife did not look in the back yard when she came home.The next day the couple was watching the Seahawks game on TV. At half time, the husband put a cassette in the VCR. “What’s this?” the wife asked. She watched a hot tub delivery truck come around a corner and approach a driveway. Then, she jumped up and screamed, “That’s my house!!” And ran outside where the tub was ho, steaming and ready to go!

They both jumped in and forgot about the game.   The husband couldn’t wait to share the store with the salesperson in the Fife store. We all cried. What a great husband!

You’ll never guess what your family told us  they really want for Christmas….more time together!

Here’s a Hot Spring Spa Grandee ready for giving and a big surprise on Christmas morning! And, we guarantee you’ll all spend more time together and maybe your story about the big surprise will be as touching as the one above!

RES EST SERVA VOLUPTAS Pleasure is serious business.

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