worried man in hallway, forehead against the wall

Are you a worrier? Consider hot tub soaking to ease your mind

August 28, 2018

August 28, 2018 – Everyone goes through bouts of worry in life, some more so than others. As a new business owner, I know what a major life change like that can do to you, and how you can let your mind run away to all types of scenarios that can create a whole heap of worry!

Some worrying isn’t awful, especially if it’s tied to something that could be exciting: marriage, a job interview for a position or with a company you’d love to fill, waiting for the birth of a child. That type of worry can help you get ready for those situations and in the short term bear some potentially positive results.

When worrying gets to the point where your mind or body take off to realms that focus on what might happen and become chronic—that’s when you need to sit up and pay attention. Chronic worry can lead to anxiety and stress that isn’t good for you and could lead to a myriad of health issues you’d prefer to avoid. If stress hormones get released in serious amounts, it could end up doing harm to your immune system, digestion, create unwanted muscle tension, and it’s definitely not good for your heart.

There are a number of ways to deal with worry and help minimize its ability to negatively rock your world. It will sound strange, but actually scheduling time in your day to focus on issues that create worry and anxiety for you is recommended. Setting aside 15-20 minutes to let your mind tick through things that are on your mind can help you manage worry better.

One way you can certainly combat the negative impact of worry on your mind and body is by hot tubbing. Taking yourself outside to commune with nature and float in a tank of hot water has a calming effect on your body and your mind. For some, a hot tub soak almost feels embryonic—taking you back to the safe warm haven of the womb prior to your birth.

It’s well documented that hot tub soaking releases endorphins and combats the feelings of fear and stress that come from worry. It’s also incredibly good for your heart and circulation to get blood flow circulating to your entire body’s “ecosystem”. And, using a hot tub about an hour or so prior to bedtime allows your body and mind to relax and fall asleep faster. The likelihood of you reaching REM sleep quicker is also heightened. (That means less time staying up at night worrying!)

When those periods of worry creep up on you, think about immersing yourself in a hot tub. It’s one outstanding way to naturally wash worry away!