Are there hot tubs that are incredibly easy to install with virtually no work? (That’s a trick question!)

May 3, 2019

May 3, 2019 – We get a lot of hot tub shoppers that sometimes come into our showrooms excited about the prospect of getting a hot tub, but worried that it could become a big project in terms of getting ready for it. Depending on the hot tub that’s right for you and your own personal design tastes, this could be true. BUT—the exciting news is that today there are hot tubs that are incredibly easy to get set up and will require virtually no major work to enjoy!

We’ve been selling Freeflow Spas, a sister line made by the same company as Hot Spring Spas, for almost ten years now. Back when we decided to carry Freeflow, they were still an independent hot tub brand manufactured by another company. About three years after we began offering them as an option for our customers, Watkins Wellness (Hot Spring’s parent company) acquired the brand. Since that time, they’ve made a lot of terrific improvements to them. If you’re looking for a straightforward hot tub that’s durable and gives you the hydromassage you seek and like a good soak in hot water, a Freeflow Spa could be right for you.

The other big bonus about Freeflow Spas: They all operate off a standard household outlet! Now, don’t think you can plug it into an extension cord and call it good—that won’t do. But, if you have an outdoor outlet on your house in the backyard and can position the tub so it can be plugged into it, you’re golden.

What about a foundation? Don’t hot tubs need a concrete pad? Well, the truth is most do not. They DO need a level foundation to sit on, but that can be paving stones, concrete, or decking. The key is to have the tub on a solid level foundation that fully supports the base of the tub. If you do not have one of those, there’s an answer to save you! Leisure Concepts, a great hot tub accessories company that’s actually right here in Washington, makes SmartDeck. This great product is made of a polymer and goes together easily. Get a space in your yard leveled out, sit the SmartDeck down and voila! You’ve got the foundation you need for your tub. And, the good news is that it won’t be married to the space. So, if you decide to move and want to take your tub with you, you can also pack up your SmartDeck as well.

Last but not least, you need a garden hose to fill the tub with…and you’re set.

Household outlet + SmartDeck + garden hose = hot tub time!

At Olympic, we sell all our Freeflow Spas with the EverFresh System. This water care routine uses ozone along with silver ions to keep your water clean and healthy, with just one small dose of chlorine needed weekly. You’ll be sitting in water that’s virtually chlorine free, not harsh or drying for your skin. You’ll really love the way you feel after a soak. And, because the water is virtually chlorine free, you’ll be able to easily use that water when it’s time to change it on your lawn or for your plants as gray water. Running the jets with the cover off for about 30 minutes prior to draining will dissipate the very little chlorine (if any) so you can use that water instead of waste it!

We have a terrific array of Freeflow Spas. If you have tight space, you might want to consider the Mini or TriStar. Both take up very little space and easily seat two. Our most popular model is the Azure that will seat four, but we also have tubs that will seat up to 6 or 7. You’ll surely be able to find the Freeflow Spa that’s just right for you.

We’ve got a Freeflow Spa on display in each of our six showrooms, as well as at our Service & Outlet Center. Come by and take a look! You might find yourself enjoying the perfect hot tub in no time!

Doesn’t a hot tub sound good right about now?