7 Hot Tub Water Care Headaches You Can Eliminate When You Switch to SilkBalance

January 18, 2012

It’s time to talk about hot tub chemistry.  Tired of messing with your hot tub water?  Tired of the smells, the foamy, cloudy water?  Tired of itching & dry skin?  You can eliminate the 7 headaches of hot tub care with SilkBalance® a Revolutionary Natural Care System for spas and hot tubs.

What is SilkBalance?  SilkBalance is a patent pending water care system that preserves water freshness by making it difficult for bacteria to grow thus reducing the need for high sanitizer levels.

Plus, the all natural formula of SilkBalance works immediately to adjust pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness to a sustainable level just right for your hot tub.  Makes hot tub and spa water care simple!

SilkBalance makes hot tub water feel like silk and ends the dry skin blues.  Your skin will feel young and soft again. You’ll notice the difference instantly!  Simple.  Luxurious.  You have to feel it to believe it!

Safe for you. Safe for the environment and proven in rigorous product testing, inspection and certification by Europe’s most advanced laboratory.  Trust SilkBalance to provide a fresh, clean bathing environment for your family.  Enjoy the best water quality day after day.

Here are the 7 headaches that you can ELIMINATE when you switch to SilkBalance.

1.  TESTING. That’s right.  No testing.  No more chemistry set and peering at test strips or vials of colored water to figure out what’s going on with your hot tub water.  SilkBalance is a natural water preservative.  It works to keep water fresh.  All you have to do is add a small amount of  SilkBalance weekly and a small amount of shock or chlorine to activate it.

2.  MEASURING.  No more measuring out pH up, pH down, alkalinity, hardness, chlorine and shock.  SilkBalance is just that: balanced. It balances the water perfectly so you don’t have to.

3.  MIXING.  No more worries about mixing chemicals improperly or adding the wrong thing.

4.  EXCESS BUYING.  No need to buy all of those jugs of balancers like pH UP and down, hardness and alkalinity.  Life is simplified. Hot Tub maintenance is easy.

5.  SMELLING.  No more dank odors, no more unpleasant smells from chlorine or bathers’ waste.  SilkBalance is unscented.  No fake scents that will wear on your olfactory nerves.  The only thing you’ll smell is clean, clear water which is odorless!

6.  ITCHING.  No more dry skin which causes itching.  No more irritated psoriasis, eczema  or other skin conditions.  People with sensitive skin can hot tub again without fear of morning after itching and dry skin.  Dermatologically tested and approved.  SilkBalance has natural salts that leave your skin soft and smooth.  No prune fingers or toes either from dehydration.  You skin simply does not get dehydrated while hot tubbing.

7.  WORRYING.  No more hesitation, second-guessing or worry when you use SilkBalance.  It’s always right, always sanitizing to keep your family safe from germs.  It’s so safe a pet can drink it without harm.  It’s so safe you can drain your hot tub out on to your lawn at anytime without fear you’ll kill the grass.  Safe for salmon streams and runoff, too.  Protects hot tub equipment, too.  By removing excess calcium from the water, hot tub equipment life is prolonged up to three times longer than without SilkBalance

Yes.  Eliminate all of the headaches above by switching to SilkBalance.

Save time, save money and save your sanity by using SilkBalance in your hot tub.  No, this isn’t an April Fools joke.  No, it’s not too good to be true. It’s a New Year’s resolution for many people to search for natural, easy hot tub care.  Thousands of Hot Spring Spa owners nationwide and here in Puget Sound have switched to SilkBalance and love it.  Read the many testimonials on our website to get the story from hot tub owners just like you including my own testimonial for SilkBalance.  I use it in my own hot tub and wouldn’t use anything else now that I have experienced the difference.

Hot tub with ease and peace of mind.  Switch to SilkBalance today!  TRY ONE BOTTLE AND YOU’LL BE A FAN FOR LIFE.  FREE SHIPPING when you sign up for auto-ship.

Don’t want to do it yourself?  Introducing a new service at Olympic from our Valet Team. To switch over to SilkBalance natural water care for hot tubs, your hot tub has to have CleanStart added for 24 hours, then drained and refilled and restarted with SilkBalance. Our Valet Team can do this for you! Call the Service Center Monday-Friday 8-5 to order the SilkBalance switch over. 1-800-431-2876. Mention the blog for special savings.

RES SERVA EST VERUM GAUDIUM. True pleasure is a serious business.


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