40% Reduction in Soreness By Hot Tub Soaking After Your Workout!

January 10, 2010

Get more benefit from your workouts and reduce soreness by soaking in a hot tub after exercising.

Make your life better with the hot water therapy only a hot tub can provide. You really can reduce swelling, manage pain, heal faster, sleep better, and feel happier with regular hot tub  soaking.

After exercising when you’ve stopped sweating and your heart rate is normal, immersion in hot water is said to reduce soreness by 40 percent according to Men’s Health Magazine in an article by Scott Quill published in the January-February issue 2007.  Immersing your body in a hot tub actually decreases swelling by the pressure that the water exerts on one’s body. You can improve your joint health and relieve pain as water immersion lessens the impact of  gravity on  painful joints. The water makes you feel lighter and that adds to the relaxation effect.

When recovery exercise was combined with water, patients experienced an increased range of motion and decreased levels of pain according to  the authors of a study “Aquatic physical therapy for hip and knee osteoarthritis” published in Physical Therapy, 2007.

A hot tub is far superior to a bath tub for hot water therapy. Why? You can maintain a constant temperature in a hot tub, have space to move around to do isometric exercises and experience added relief with hot water massage provided by the jets. If you take 3 or more baths a week to relieve pain & soreness, you need a hot tub.  Not only will you experience greater relief, your overall cost will be less. It costs less to heat a well-insulated hot tub (on average) than heating 3 bathtubs full of water And, it saves water since hot tubs like Hot Spring Spas need only be drained 3-4 times a year.

Feel sore after a workout? Feeling joint pain? Head to the hot tub! Feel better immediately.

As the Romans said it SANUM PER AQUA. Health through Water.

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