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It’s National Hot Tub Day 2015. Time to Celebrate!

March 26, 2015 Get ready to treat yourself on National Hot Tub Day this Saturday.  The yearly March 28th observance is one more excuse to enjoy your hot tub. Every day can be your Hot Tub Day. But like Mother’s Day, National Hot Tub Day focuses special attention and appreciation to make sure we don’t … Read More

Spring Clean Your Hot Tub With These Top 7 Cleaning Products

March 23, 2015 Rub-A-Dub-Tub!  Time to make your hot tub sparkle for National Spring Cleaning Week. Your hot tub refreshes you. Return the favor during National Spring Cleaning Week,  Here’s what you need from Olympic Hot Tub for the full cleaning experience – top to bottom, inside and out. All products are approved for Hot … Read More

NEW Liquid Clean Start ~ A Better Way to Deep Clean Your Hot Tub

March 2, 2015 Clear Out the Pipes. Rid them of accumulated gunk.  SilkBalance’s NEW liquid Clean Start™ renews hot tub plumbing for a fresh water experience that will make your hot tub water easier to care for. Some of the oils, lotions, cosmetics, sweat, and other organics that threaten your hot tub water never show … Read More

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