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6 Reasons Hot Tubbing is a No No For Your Dog

A hot tub is not a pet pool!  Loving your dog means keeping it out of hot water. Tomorrow, Aug. 26 is National Dog Day, but a dip in the hot tub is not a treat for your pet. Even if your dog goes everywhere else with you, the spa is not a canine-friendly environment. … Read More

What’s Up With Hot Tub Watsu?

Are you guessing that hot tub Watsu is the latest dance craze?  Maybe a critter to be exorcised from your hot tub? Not either of those. Floating While Massaged~that’s what Watsu is. Even beyond the hot tub jets-being massaged with human fingers as in Shiatsu. And, Watsu takes therapeutic Japanese Shiatsu to a new level … Read More

The Real Skinny on Hot Tubs And Weight Loss

Soak the Pounds Off. Hot tubbing’s beneficial side effects may include weight loss. The extended sunshine in Seattle these past weeks has made most people shed their fleece pullovers for shorts & tee shirts. That look over winter’s flab has made many people search for weight loss remedies. And, maybe even try working out and … Read More

Key Benefits of Hot Tubs for Hip Bursitis

A soak in your Hot Spring Spa can provide relief for hip pain caused by bursitis, an inflammation of a fluid sac at the joint. A 2004 study published in The Clinical Journal of Pain showed that hydrotherapy reduced pain and disability from osteoarthritis in the hip, typically treated like bursitis, and patients enjoyed improved … Read More

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