Hot Tubs and Health

Go soak Your Turf Toe. Hot tub sessions can be part of a swell-reduction approach to ease the pain. Your hot tub can help in the healing of “turf toe,” the painful sprain that affects many people beyond the football field where the condition got its name. Turf toe is a sprain to the ligaments around … Read More

Shhh. Don’t wake the baby. Everyone deserves peace and quiet especially at home. Buying a hot tub? The only brand to consider is a noise-free Hot Spring Spa Your hot tub should give you peace, let babies sleep and be kind to your neighbors. Hot Spring Spas is the only hot tub brand engineered for … Read More

12th Man Super Hot Tub Party The Seahawks are hot. So is your Hot Spring Spa. Shut out of a ticket to New Jersey? Don’t fret. The best seat in the world for the Super Bowl is at your house – in your Hot Spring Spa. Get your invitations out now! Make sure the party … Read More

Hot Tubbing Improves Autism Symptoms. This news will be surprise news for many parents whose children suffer from autism. In a new study,  immune system regulation was linked to hot water bathing. Researchers have discovered that soaking in a 102-degree hot tub can improve the social behavior of children with autism, another in a long … Read More

Happy 2014 Hot Tub Bliss readers!  Any New Year’s resolutions out there? If you’re like most people, the answer is yes.  Every year popular resolutions seem to revolve around relaxing, exercising, losing weight, stressing less and spending more time with family. After a nerve-racking holiday season of buying presents, attending parties, traveling, over indulging and … Read More

Drum roll, please. It’s time for the annual roundup of the year’s 10 most popular posts on Hot Tub & Sauna Bliss. 10. PUBLIC HOT TUBS? As the economy improved, vacationing picked-up. You’re going to paid good money to go to a resort, hotel or gym. You’re really looking forward to getting in that hot … Read More

What’s drinking? A mere pause from thinking! said Lord Byron. If your senses left you last night and you did over-imbibe, read on for seven tips that will make you feel better faster. The term hangover was originally a 19th century expression describing unfinished business—something left over from a meeting—or “survival.”  In 1904, the meaning “morning … Read More

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