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6 Ways a Hot Tub Will Boost Your Success in 2015

December 30, 2014 Here’s what we call it “The Hot Tub New Year’s Resolution Solution” or how daily soaking hot tubbing can help you succeed in 2015 by making it easy to keep your New Year’s resolutions. Many of us take the turn of the calendar as a chance to turn over a new leaf, … Read More

NEW: Small Size SilkBalance Perfect for Small Hot Tubs

SilkBalance Spotlight! New smaller size ◊ New lower price on SilkBalance Conversion New! Smaller 38 oz bottle now available Just released! If you’ve been missing out on SilkBalance, give it a try! The new small bottle is great for smaller tubs, as well as for a first time trial. You’ll love it! Counteracts dry skin, eliminates … Read More

New Hot Spring Spa Jetsetter Christened By Early Snowfall

December 23, 2014 Our December photo contest winner, Ron Sallee, sent this terrific photo of his new Hot Spring Spa Jetsetter christened by an early snowfall with the following letter: Hi Alice, A week ago we took delivery of a new Hot Spring Jetsetter to replace our 16 year old Hot Spring Grandee. Our favorite … Read More

 Time lapse-photo showing the Geminids over Pendleton, OR. Credit: Thomas W. Earle December 12, 2014 Hot tub astronomers alert: see a shower from the your hot tub.  What’s the best place to view the night sky? While soaking in your Hot Spring Spa, of course. And, this weekend the view will be even more spectacular. … Read More

December 10, 2014 Get your hot tub ready for the holidays and winter’s cold. Check this list so you can relax. These opposites attract: cold weather and hot tubs. A soak in your Hot Spring Spa warms you to the bone after a leaf-raking session, a Seahawks game, a visit to Crystal’s snow, or a … Read More

November 27, 2014 The traditional family gathering around the table reaches its peak at Thanksgiving, a good reason that November is National Family Stories Month. But a family circle in the hot tub can make memories any day without anyone’s slaving over a hot stove or washing a stack of dishes. Why not start a … Read More

Another rainy Seattle winter? Bring it on. What’s a little cold water falling when you’re surrounded by the warmth of your Hot Spring Spa?  Warm water in the hot tub beats cold water from the sky. Enjoy being in nature from the comfort of your own hot tub. It’s well worth the dash across your … Read More

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