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“Water is one part Oxygen, two parts Hydrogen, and the rest is magic.” — C.S. Lewis Hot tubbing is indeed magic. When we slip into the hot tub, something inside us feels like we’re coming home. After all, our bodies are 90 percent water, and a warm soak is a way to restore ourselves spiritually, … Read More

There are many ways to hot tub including just plopping yourself in hot water. Why not take a minute to see how to make your hot tubbing experience the best it can be. Here are five tips to enhance your daily enjoyment of the best gift to yourself. 1. Right heat. You’ll find your favorite … Read More

There’s nothing like being naked and locked outside in the cold without a towel. That is, it’s terrible at the time, but funny later. Olympic Hot Tub Hot Spring Spa owner, Sharon Maguire shared her funniest hot tub story with me: A few years ago around Christmas time it was snowing slightly so we thought it was … Read More

The December night sky holds visual wonders-all the better seen from your Hot Spring Spa. There’s still time to catch the Geminids meteor shower tonight.  Hopefully, the moon will be out of the way and peak activity will be after midnight.  If the sky is clear, you many be able to witness as many as 100 … Read More

Holidays stress getting you down? Stress builds up when you feel you’re too busy, don’t have enough leisure time to relax and unwind, or enough “quality time” to reconnect with family and friends. These feelings can certainly be exaggerated during the holidays. How to cope with all that stress? Make time to use your Hot … Read More

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