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When kids come shopping at Olympic Hot Tub, they feel like they’re in a free amusement park.  I asked our sales staff in several stores to share what they’ve observed when kids think about buying a hot tub. “Kids always love the lights and waterfalls,” says Linda in Fife. “And the toys – playing cards, … Read More

We’ve fund three more weird & wonderful places for a hot tub! When people want to hot tub, there’s no stopping them. The soaking desperate are clever, inventive & adaptable! Our first candidate for weird & wonderful places for a hot tub  is on the fly bridge of a mega million dollar yacht.  Note the … Read More

Home Sweet Hot Tub Get ready to enjoy the back yard bonus that came with your hew house. Now that Puget Sound home sales are brisk again, many people are becoming hot tub owners because the tub came with the house. That’s a big plus – not only the health and relaxation benefits for you, … Read More

Beyonce took heat from snarky bloggers for a “major mom mistake” when she released this beautiful picture of her relaxing with Blue Ivy in a hot tub. “That just isn’t safe!” judged one critic who said “most people” don’t consider hot tubs safe for babies. “I’m sure she’s a wonderful mom and would never put … Read More

Don’t forget to hot tub to stay cool in this heat. As the Romans said it Sanum Per Aqua, Health through Water. More… How to Hot Tub in Hot Weather to Stay Cool

Hot Is Cool.  Hot Tubbing beats the summer heat. That’s a fact. Think it’s too hot for the hot tub as this heat wave hits the Northwest? Think again. If you reduce the tub temperature to 94 degrees – about the same as the surface of your skin – you’ll feel downright chilly. At 99 … Read More

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