Hot Tubs and Health

Don’t Drink and Tub The cautionary tale of Max George highlights the dangers of mixing alcohol and hot tubs. This time, the story had a happy ending: Max George almost drowned drunk when he jumped into a hot tub and sank during a party in Los Angeles a week ago.  A cameraman on his “The … Read More

Did you know? Water and slippery surfaces make every hot tub a potential hazard for a slip & fall accident. Be safe not sorry. This smart looking  SmartRail®  by Lesisure Concepts gives you safe and easy access in and out of  your hot tub. It’s great for kids, grandparents and anyone needing to be “steadied” … Read More

The World’s First 24 Karat Gold Hot Tub can be yours for only  $100,000. That’s the starting price depending on the price of gold.  Oh, and shipping to the US not included. Who knew a hot tub could be completely covered in gold? I guess the price gives that away! If you have to ask … Read More

Hot water and chlorine are hard on swim suits.   Swimsuits aren’t cheap and a perfect one is hard to find.  So when you find the perfect one you’ll want to wear for years,  take steps to make it last longer than one season. Avoid the things you might be doing to your bathing suit that … Read More

You’re probably aware that this Sunday is Father’s Day.  But, I’ll bet you haven’t done anything about it… yet. It’s not too late. What better gift than something that will increase your dad’s pleasure when he uses his hot tub? Here’s our Olympic Hot Tub  list of the 6 best hot tub accessories for your … Read More

FREE water care class. 9AM-9:45 All tied up in knots over water care? Funky water that you can’t get right? Learn how to keep your hot tub water crystal clear, clean & sanitary. Answers to all your water care questions on traditional water care, our terrific SilkBalance® Natural Water Care & our exclusive ACE Salt … Read More

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