Hot Tub Lifestyle

Most people think of a hot tub as a place to relax maybe from a long commute or a hard day at the office or doing  physical work. There is a far deeper relaxation effect that takes place outdoors. When you take time for a hot tub break outdoors, the mental health benefits may surprise … Read More

We’re not marriage counselors at Olympic Hot Tub.  It’s true we don’t have credentials in counseling, we just sell hot tubs which are a great invention for a happy marriage. Many couples say it’s a “must have” to keep romance and closeness alive. We do know from 36 years of experience and close to 19,000 … Read More

There’s nothing worse than chatting away on your iPhone & suddenly dropping it into the swirling waters of your very hot hot tub. It’s a heart stopping moment! Your iPhone’s your life, right? Lose it to the waters and you’re sunk. Never fret over the possibility of accidentally dropping your iPhone in the hot tub … Read More

1. Salt Water Care Enjoy cleaner water with no hassles.  Using a diamond electrode that breaks salt into powerful sanitizers, Hot Spring’s exclusive ACE Salt Sanitizing System® is the first fully integrated salt-water care system.  One glance tells you it’s working.  Less work for you and better for the environment than harsh chemicals that other … Read More

Healthy When Wet Body systems naturally flow better in water. Scientific researchers are confirming what hot tub users have known for years: Soaking or exercising in water is good for blood, bones, brain, muscles, joints, kidneys and other physical systems because its special properties offer a different experience from the dry life. Dr. Bruce Becker, … Read More

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