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When I first saw this new product in our Olympic Hot Tub stores, my left-brain rejoiced. What a neat gizmo! I’ll have constant connection and entertainment in my Hot Spring Spa. But then my right brain took over and asked, “Are you nuts?  Do you want to be multi-tasking in the hot tub? Why not … Read More

Toning up in the hot tub strengthens your pleasure. If you’ve ever  thought of lifting weights in your hot tub, this post is for you.  Cailean Johnson, owner of Trilogy Fitness is today’s guest blogger. He’s ranked in the top 3 best Eastside personal trainers by 425 Magazine and he’s my own personal trainer.  We … Read More

It’s  Brain Awareness Week and I know you want to read about hot tubbing and its affect on your brain. I’ve been a longtime fan of  Dr. John Medina, who holds dual professorships at the University of Washington and Seattle Pacific. Turns out, he is an Olympic Hot Tub Company customer! He and his wife … Read More

It’s almost spring. Time for a Hot Tub Tune-up! A Hot Tub Tune-Up is for you if: · Your hot tub is now out of warranty, and you want the peace of mind of having a factory trained service tech to give your tub a good once over. · You’ve let some things go that … Read More

Sleep more and weigh less? Is this true? Sounds like a fairy tale or urban rumor.  But, according to research conducted at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, women who get at least seven hours of shut eye a night are getting beauty rest and more. They’re preventing significant weight gain over time. This study … Read More

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