Hot Tub Care

New meaning to ‘navel-gazing’: Scientists study belly button bacteria You think belly button bacteria won’t affect your hot tub? Read on! A group of scientists at North Carolina State University has taken navel-gazing to another level. Jiri Hulcr and his colleagues at the Raleigh, N.C., school recently launched the Belly Button Biodiversity project as a … Read More

Hot tubbing at the cinema may be the most relaxing way to watch a good flick… in London that is. Young moviegoers looking for something different to do on a Saturday night flock to this outdoor movie theater on a London rooftop. The fun experiment has now grown into a successful business, which currently boasts … Read More

ASK DR. RUTH. Hot Tub Advice I’m sure you’ve heard of Dr. Ruth Westheimer the noted sex therapist and radio/TV personality who brings frank talk about sex to the masses.  She received a letter with a question asking for her advice when she had a syndicated column a few years ago. The question is as … Read More

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