Hot Tub Water Care: Never Use Clorox in Your Hot Tub!

See this photo of a bottle of Clorox? One of our Valet Team members found a bottle of  it at a hot tub owner’s home.  Said hot tub owner was using it to sanitize his hot tub because he thought it was better than dry chlorine.

While we’re not the “hot tub police”, we will speak out when we see something that’s just plain WRONG!

You’ve purchased a Hot Spring Spa to bring you relaxation and peace. Our goal at Olympic Hot Tub is to make it as easy as possible to take it easy.

Using Clorox as a sanitizer is so wrong.

Once chlorine is in solution (like Clorox) it has almost zero disinfecting capabilities. Bleaching is all it’s good for.  Use it on your sheets & towels. I do. It works great. But, you add chlorine to your hot tub water to disinfect it; to kill bacteria.  Clorox will not disinfect your hot tub water, has the wrong pH and will give you  very dry skin if you do use it.

Buy SilkBalance and stop itchy skin from harsh hot tub chemicals and automatically balance your hot tub water chemistry. Pour it and ignore it!Use only dry chlorine to sanitize and make sure the formula is sodium dichlor NOT calcium hypochlorite which is for swimming pools only. (Read that label!)

If you’re all tied up in knots and can’t get your water chemistry right and your hot tub does not have clean, clear water with NO SMELL, send us an email or check out our e-store. We sell only products that are right for hot tubs and spas like SilkBalance natural water care!

Need a water care lesson at tubside? We’re happy to do that or drain, clean and maintain it for you.  Our Valet team gets rave reviews. Call the Service Center 206 431-2876 to schedule valet service in select locations in the Puget Sound area.


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Author: Don Riling

Don Riling is the President of Olympic Hot Tub and has been an active member of the hot tub industry for over 27 years. As the company’s owner since 2016, he has continued Olympic’s legacy of promoting health & wellness through water.

2 responses to “Hot Tub Water Care: Never Use Clorox in Your Hot Tub!

  1. CLOROX is in fact a disinfect and is registered with the EPA as such (as are the various forms of chlorine marketed and sold in the pool and spa industry). CLOROX is almost the same exact make-up as liquid chlorine used to SANITIZE swimming pools, except it’s half the strength. As for drying out your skin, this is also a misnomer. CLOROX is mostly salt water, with a small percentage of chlorine. SALT is used to soften water.

  2. Hi Dave:
    WE beg to differ for the following reasons:
    Liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) is sometimes used as a sanitizer for swimming pools. This is a special product designed for swimming pools and is much stronger than household bleach. Regular household bleach that is bought in a grocery store is not recognized or approved as a sanitizer by the EPA. Neither of these products should be used for sanitation in a spa or hot tub because of the following reasons:

    · Unstable product, dissipates quickly in sunlight
    · High pH (13)
    · Must used acid to counteract very high pH
    · Frequent additions would be required
    · Bleaches out clothing on contact
    · Dangerous to transport and store
    · Can result in salty taste to water
    · Causes rapid increase in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
    · Products do not provide directions for use with Spa or Hot Tub
    · Not approved for Hot Tub Sanitation
    · Using product for other than its intended use, which is illegal

    Sodium DiChloroisosyanurate (Sodium DiChlor or DiChlor) is approved by the EPA for sanitation in pools and spas. SeaKlear Chlorinating Granules, is such a product and provides easy to use directions on the bottle, so that there is no guess work involved when adding chlorine to a hot tub.


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