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An invitation to a hot tub party is a promise of a good time.  Everybody gets to make a splash.  The perfect Labor Day Party is all about good, clean fun. Just add people. So start planning now! Here are 10 ways to ensure that the evening is even more sparkling: 10. INVITE THE PARTY … Read More

This easy self-massage exercise will give you instant energy, says acupuncturist Jeff Zimmerman, OMD, of Westport, Connecticut. While you’re in your Hot Spring Spa, use your thumb to massage the center area of the foot that is slightly depressed and just below the ball of the foot (but before the arch).  Called the “bubbling spring,” … Read More

Purchasing a hot tub is a large investment and you want to get it right the first time. After all, if you’re like the majority of buyers, you’re buying one to relax. Why not begin to relax with making the buying process simple and stress-less? For most people a hot tub is not something they’ve … Read More

I’m sure you’ve seen that hot tub the divers retreat to the minute they’ve completed their dives.  For keeping them warm between dives as well as using the jets to relax tense muscles, the hot tub at the Olympics is a must have for competitors in the diving competitions. The hot tub is seen at … Read More

With all of this sunny weather,  you might be thinking twice about hot tub soaking in full sunlight.  Sure you can wait until dark, but why miss the chance to soak in your Hot Spring Spa anytime? If your hot tub is in full sun (lucky you), take a look at our SpaUmbrella with it’s … Read More

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