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It’s hard to believe it’s been four years of blogging about hot tubs and hot tubbing here on Hot Tub Bliss. Thanks for all of your comments, suggestions, and encouragement. I’ve enjoyed writing about all things “hot tub” and “sauna” including hot tub and sauna health benefits, lifestyle, water care and Hot Spring Spas and … Read More

6 Ways to tell if you need a new hot tub cover. Tip #1 If it looks like the one on the right, you NEED a new cover pronto. Did you know? The insulating value of your cover is the biggest factor in minimizing your hot tubs heating costs. Take a minute and give your … Read More

The best place to share the sunset with your lover is from the hot tub, of course! I’ll bet you didn’t know that July is “share a sunset with your lover month”.   This month long “event” was created to make couples aware of the need to slow down and take time for each other.  … Read More

Close your eyes and imagine sinking into your hot tub and melting away stress. Turn the jets on for just the right pressure. They’re like a pair of strong, skilled hands gently but surely massaging away the crick in your neck or the tight band across your shoulders. Nice, right? But don’t stop there—your hot … Read More

How to Avoid Landscape Project Disasters and get your dream backyard. Take the time to hire a reputable landscape contractor. That’s how to get quality work for a fair price advice advises the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals. If you’re thinking of doing a big landscape project that includes a hot tub, check out these … Read More

The SSS Merlin Eraser Sponge is the best spa/hot tub cleaner we’ve ever found. It restores spa surfaces to “looks like” new again. Takes the gunk, calcium and iron deposits off of  your hot tub tile line. What could be better? Yes, it looks like a Velveta sandwich on white bread without the crusts, but … Read More

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