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April 20, 2012 Answering Service You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Here are answers to the five top questions our service center team receives everyday.  Olympic Hot Tub’s  Service Manager, Dennis Blair-a 15 year hot tub industry veteran, weighs in on the answers: 1. Why isn’t the heat working? Probably the most common reason you … Read More

The Secret to Easy Hot Tub Water Care: Ozone. It’s no secret that ozone is the key to easy hot tub care. Most hot tubs built in the last 10 years have a built-in ozone generator or are set up so you can add one easily. So, what is ozone and why is it the … Read More

Almost everyone is interested in weight loss at one time or another.  Some of us more often than not.  And, we’re all looking for the easy, no pain way to lose unwanted pounds, right?  A hot tub can help in surprising ways.  Although it’s not a substitute for more exercise and fewer calories, these three … Read More

SHORT ANSWERS TO THE LOUNGE QUESTION Olympic Hot Tub Staff Wades into Hot Tub Seating Options. So should you get straight-up open seating or laid-back lounge in your hot tub? Our Olympic Hot Tub sales staff has watched people decide for years, including first-time buyers and repeat customers. Here’s what our sales staff reports: You … Read More

This is a story about a feral cat who was fortunate enough to meet a patient cat lover.  A Hot Spring Grandee is part of the story, too. Dick Slyfield lives over in Eastern Washington on a ranch as you can see from the photo.  He sent this heartwarming story to Jon Hutter, manager of … Read More

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